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you don't have to wear a seat belt when you're ?
a passenger in a vehicle which was never equipped with a seatbelt
what does the following sign mean?
divided highway ends two way traffic begins
what does the following sign indicate ?
additional lane , traffic doesn't have to merge .
what does the following sign indicate ?
number of lanes reduced ahead .
what is the speed limit on a expressway in most states ?
65 miles per hour ..
all of the following are colors typically used for informational signs, except for ?
at what distance should you stop away from railroad tracks if a train is crossing?
between 15 and 50 feet away from the tracks .
what an apprise way to respond to a traffic sign with a green light that turns to yellow?
stop before the intersection of you can do so safely . proceed through the intersection cautiously before the light turns red only if you can't stop safely
a double solid yellow line indicates ?
no passing is allowed .
it is permissible to drive faster than the speed limit ?
under no circumstances
in general you should signal at least how many feet before making a turn ?
100 feet
it is legal to make a right turn on red ..
as long as there isn't a no turn on red sign posted
the center turn lane is used
to begin and end left turns
when traveling on a two lane road in normal conditions , you should maintain a following distance of at least ..
five seconds
when more than one car is stopped at an intersection , which car has the right of way?
the first car that arrived at the intersection .
while one car signals to enter the expressway , can other car so glad to exit using the same weave lane . which car has the right of way ?
the car exiting the expressway
if you approach a stopped vehicle alongside the road , you should?
slow down and pass with cautions
if a curb is painted green is means ?
parking is limited to a certain amount of time
it is legal to double park when ?
it is never legal to double park .
when parking downhill with a curb , you should?
turn your wheels toward the curb
when you driving in precipitation , you should?
use your low beans during day and at night
if a police officer pulls you over , he or she will ask for your drivers license and ?
proof of insurance