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True or false: Measuring the uptake of water by plants in response to changes in air temperature is a type of ecological research


What are examples of how humans have affected the global environment?

1) desertification from overuse of groundwater

2) increases in atmospheric CO2

3) Deforestation

Understanding how variation in weather and soils may affect the growth of crops and livestock ___ be considered ecological thinking.


An ecologist conducting research on American Bison could include which of the following in their research program:

1) calf suckling behavior on survival rates

2)male mate choice on population growth rates

3)diversity of grasses on grazing rates

4)predation by wolves on calving

Which of the following would be considered a research focus in the area of population ecology?

1)the effect of forest fires on atmospheric Co2 concentrations

2)the effect of precipitation on grass distribution across north america

3)the effects of winter snow depth on the ratio of male to female squirrels**

4)the effect of light intensity on thorn formation in roses

Which of the following would be a research focus for behavioral ecologist?

1) Wildlife corridors on elk migration patterns

2) nectar production on flower visitation rates by bee pollinators

True or false: The effects of soil pH on root competition in daisies would be a focus for an ecologist looking at interactions.


True or false: researching the effects of dust storms from the Sahara Desert on phytoplankton density in the Caribbean Sea is an example of research in the area of community ecology.

False because this research is not focused on organisms and interactions within a limited area

An ecosystem ecologist would ___ the physical and ____ the chemical factors influencing the interactions within communities.

include; and

True or false: A research program is looking at changes in tundra grass diversity from caribou migration, between the Brooks mountain range and the tundra on the north slope of Alaska. This is an example of landscape ecology.


In order to be considered part of the biosphere, a deep geological formation would need to contain:

living organisms

Landscapes are considered to be ___ geographical regions subject to large-scale and regional processes within the area of geographic ecology

part of

In addition to the specific research question, the three factors also included in the design of a research program include:

1) available tools

2)temporal scale

3)spatial scale

MacArthur was interested in understanding how several species of warblers could ____ in the same patch of forest


MacArthur hypothesized that the warblers would not ____ if they fed on insects in different zones within the trees


MacArthur's results about how the birds fed in different zones was based on ____ observations of where the birds fed


Stable isotope analysis evaluates the ____ amount of isotopes in the material being examined


In Jamaica, older male redstarts occupy ____ mangrove habitats while younger male redstarts are found in _____ habitats

high-quality; poor-quality

An ecosystem includes the ___ and____ for a particular area

organisms; physical environment

True or false: Epiphytes are parasitic plants that live on the branches and trunks of other plants


In the temperate rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula, the mass of epiphytes is _____ _____ the mass of the leaves on their host tree

Greater than

The science of ecology ___ biological ___ non-biological components of the environment

includes; and

An ecological research program is focused on the factors determining the diversity of fishes on a Caribbean coral reef. This research would be conducted at which scale of ecological organization?


True or false: A research focus for a behavioral ecologist would be to understand the effects of grass density on herd density and movement patterns for wildebeest.


The equipment now used to conduct research within forest canopies includes:

1) Hot air balloons

2) cranes

3) aerial trams

As the lakeside vegetation diversity changes, the diversity of the pollen in the sediments ______ the vegetation change

Changes with

The host trees gain access to the nutrients stored in the epiphytes by ____

growing roots into them

True or false: As a result of Chestnut blight, Chestnut pollen is more abundant in the more recent sediment layers