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In manhunt it is peom describing...
How she can mentally and physically mend him (Eddie Beddoes) who went to war and was shot in the face he also witnessed genocide.
In manhunt what techniques are used.....
Semantic field of war "parachute"
Alliteration "handle and hold"
Loads of metaphors "frozen river that ran through his face"
Personification "foetus of metal"
Structure: couplet.
In hour what the meaning.....
Two lovers that want to spend as much time with each other but time hates their love. So when they are together is seems to fly by.
Techniques used in hour.....
Hyperbole (exaggeration)/ sensory description " for thousands of seconds we kissed"
Imagery/personification "loves times beggar"
Simile"like treasure"
Enjambment "we are millionaires"
Structure of hour.....
Sonnet 14 or less
QUATRAIN - 4 sections the first 3 are 4 lines long the final is a rhyming couplet: summarises the contrast of love an time.
"Don't talk to me of love, I've had an earful" is from what poem....
In Paris with you
Basic meaning of in Paris with you......
A person just being dumped and on the rebound they have travelled to Paris but just want to stay in the hotel and care about themselves.
Techniques in in Paris with you.....
First person"I've had enough"
Metaphor "I'm a hostage I'm marooned"
Repitiotion "but I'm in pairs with you"
Colloquial language "yes I'm angry"
Enjambement "to what and whom"
Rhetorical question "am I embarrassing you."
What is the poem QuickDraw describing....
The ending of a relationship use of western theme to describe the end.
Techniques used in QuickDraw.....
Metaphor "I wear the two mobiles"
Imagery "you wounded me"
Enjambment "through the heart"
Short punctual sentence "I reel"
Repetition "and this....(ellipsis) and this"
Traditional Persian love poem
Speaker describing there unrequited love and imagines the beloved replying
Relates to nature throughout
Techniques in ghazal.....
Anaphora "if"
Rhyming couplet "heart pierced tattoo me"
Enjambment "if you are my rhyme and I the refrain don't hang"
Ghazal structure......
10 stanzas each built up of 2 lines one the speaker and one the reply of the loved one
Brothers by Andrew foster......
Poem about two brothers and a friend the brother leaves the other for the friend. N. Narrative poem
Good words to use when describing the relationship.....
"Saddled" -stuck with the brother
"Ambled" like adults
"Skipped" the old ones are acting like grown ups and the brother is acting childish
Last line "I ran on unable to close the distance" implies that this it the event that caused trouble so now they aren't in contact.
Praise song for my mother.......
Describing her mother who was left behind in the Caribbean she is describing how much her mother ment to her
Praise song for my mother literary devices......
Anaphora "you were"
"Water to me" can't live without water"
Not many devices but good language "fathoming, mantling,plantain"
Harmonium by simon armitage.......
Harmonium is a metaphor for his father
Imagery "sunlight through a stained glass window"
"Yellow keys" father smoked
Sibilant alliteration "some shallow"
Speaker can't and doesn't know how to speak to his father, to tell him he will die soon
Sonnet 116
William Shakespeare .........
Asking what is ment by love
Love can endure anything
Personification "whose worthy unknown"
"Loves not times fool" metaphor
Echoes a conventional marriage service
Sonnet 43 " how do I love thee?"
Is a deceleration of the speakers love for another
Showing the speaker the ways in witch she loves them
"I shall love thee better after death" after all toes ways I will love you even more when I am dead
How does Elizabeth demonstrate her love in sonnet 43.......
10 syllables per line
Semantic field of love and religion
Abbc rhyming structure
To his coy mistress........ (Coy-shy)
Poem written to convince an attractive women to have sex with him try but gets frustrated and at the end gets aggressive ( mocks her)
3 part argument 1if I had all the time
2 but I don't
3 so instead we should
To his coy mistress techniques.........
Repetition "now"
Hyperbole "my echoing song;then worms shall try"
Seducing poem
Euphemism mild indirect words to express harsh or blunt when referring to something embarrassing or unpleasant
Farmers bride meaning........
Poem about a farmer who chose and married a young girl she is afraid of men so doesn't spend anytime with him
She loves nature so spends her time cleaning and the outdoors
But the farmer is frustrated as he wants her and is jealous of the attention she gives to nature and not him he doesn't blame himself he just wants a wife
More on the farmers bride.......
Dramatic monologue
Abba rhyming structure
Nature imagery "flying like a hare" she is delicate
No romance she is compared as shy uneasy animals
At the end he convinces himself to sleep with her
Sister maud basic notes.........
Sister upset as the other one told their parent ps about her secret relationship
Angry feels betrayed
Family relationships
Had to end it sister doesn't blame her mum or dad
At the end she wishes her sister to go to hell whilst the parents the lover and her will all go to heaven
Sister maud techniques........
Abcb rhyming structure
Dramatic monologue
Ss alliteration sibilance
Enjambment "sister Maude shall get no sleep"
Ambiguous "sleep in paradise"