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Which of the following emotions results from the blocking of ones goals?


Jacqueline finds that she fears rejection and is anxious in her relationship with her boyfriend who she believes will leave her. What type of attachment style is she experiencing?

Fearful attachment

When you perceive that you are not good at giving speeches, and so you don't prepare and research your speech topic, this is an example of

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Which of the following is involved in the perception checking process

Checking your punctuation checking your attributions, checking your perceptual influences, checking your impressions

in interpreting information we for attributions which are defied as

Explanations for others behaviors and comments

individuals tend to judge and perceive themselves

More positively than others

Which of the following accurately describes our use of self disclosure

Women disclose more than men, women are more likely to be recipients of self disclosure

After charley goes through a painful breakup with tom he finds himself trying to avoid tom. Charley no longer goes to the same bars, restaurants, or gym they frequented when they were together. What emotional management strategy is charley demonstrating

Encounter Avoidance

If a hollywood actor is gay but not out of the closet to his fans, which strategy is he using to maintain his public self?


if you and your friend talk about many different topics but maintain a superficial level, your self disclosure has

Great breadth but little depth

according to Maslow, which need is at the top, or apex, of his hierarchy?

Self Actualization

one cannot not communicate means

Communication can be unintentional, people can read into or give meaning to anything you say , people can attach meaning to anything you do or don't do

Dyadic communication involves

Two People

Which of the following is not considered a primary emotion


Jealousy is a blended emotion of

Anger, Sadness and Fear

Leslie likes josh because he has an extraverted, engaging and humorous personality. When Sarah tells Leslie that josh can be very impatient and demonstrates road rage on a daily basis, Leslie refuse to believe her. What perceptual problem is Leslie having?


A student arrives on the first day of her interpersonal communication class and observes that the instructor makes wild gestures while lecturing. If the student chooses to focus only upon the content while trying to ignore the body language, what strategy is she employing

Attention Focous

If your girlfriend says she is going to the gym after work because you are never home, but you always go out for drinks after work because she is working out, then your difference in perception is due to


May factors influence the selection stage of the perception process. Which of the following is NOT one of these factors


A coworker you dislike got passed over for a promotion, and you act upset for him, when you are secretly happy and think he deserved it, which of beckman and friesens display rules are you demonstrating


Qualitative research normally includes

Making careful observations, determining careful observations

Meta Communication involves

Communication about communication

Text messaging and email exemplify which type of communication model


Wade is highly organized at work and keeps detailed to do list on his blackberry. He is never late. What personality triad does wade display a high level of


if mark exhibits high extraversion, he is likely to

Cope successfully with stress and his emotions

Kyle engages in frequent casual sexual relationships. He seems avoidant of close long term relationships yet exhibits little anxiety what attachment style best describes him

Dismissive attachment

Which of the following is a guideline for increasing the effectiveness of your self disclousure

Know yourself, know your audience, be sensitive to cultural differences, and don't presume gender differences

Celeste is gregarious and is often found talking with her colleagues at the office kitchen. What personality trait does Celeste display a high level of?


According to the Johari Window, what is the part of the self that is know to others but not know to the self?

Blind Area

The Jefferson strategy is best used

After someone upsets you

Psychologists suggest that there are five primary personality traits. Which of the following is NOT part of the Big Five


What process is involved when we direct our attention to specific stimuli while ignoring each other stimuli


Which of the following is an active strategy for reducing uncertainty regarding a persons behavior

Third person questioning

Mark goes to the same coffeehouse almost every morning on his way to the office. He's never bothered to learn the baristas name and sometimes fails to notice when someone else is working her shift. Marks relationship with the barista can best be described as


Which of the following statements exemplifies the influence that the looking glass self has upon our self conception

Mom always tells me i am the best little boy in the world and I believe her

When we perceive and judge our own behavior we often use the

Actor observer effect, self serving bias

Interpersonal communication can be considered

intentional unintentional , irreversible , dynamic

Which of the following is NOT one of the major influences on the perception process

Negativity effect

Your girlfriend receives a flirty email from her ex but tells you it means nothing to her however you feel upset if you choose to rethink why you are upset and why you feel threatened by your girlfriends ex, what emotional management strategy are you using?


When we categorize people as a group based upon our own schemata while simultaneously ignoring individual differences, what perceptual process are we illustrating


The primary emotion of fear is associated with what high intensity counterpart


When a given culture socializes its members to communicate their emotions in ways that are socially desirable and appropriate, these norms are called

Display rules

If your romantic partner does not respond to your instant messages while you are both online you assume he or she is losing interest in you, what kind of attribution are you making

Internal attribution

Culture is learned from

Media , teachers parents, Peers

If chris is trying to arrange a meeting with his partner of five years so that he can discuss how he can terminate their relationship what goal is he seeking?


Emotional intelligence refers to

The ability to accurately perceive and interpret emotions

According to self discrepancy theory we feel happiest when

Our self concept maths our ideal and ought selves

According to uncertainty reduction theory, which of the following is the primary goal of initial interaction

Reduce uncertainty explain behavior predict behavior and help anticipate how others will respond to us

Which of the following models of human communication is considered by your test to be the most elaborate yet accurate depiction of interpersonal communication

Transactional communication model