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Selling through only those intermediaries who will give the product special attention

Selective distribution

The three types of vertical marketing systems:




Basic Approaches for Entering International Markets

Exporting > Licensing > Management contracting > Joint venture > Direct investment

Which method of entering international markets generally involves the least risk?


Marketing managers need to plan for ______ that can retrieve products that customers no longer want.

Reverse channels

Accumulating, bulk-breaking, sorting, and assorting are _____ activities performed by channel specialists to adjust discrepancies.


Vibgyor Phones Inc., a cell phone manufacturer, expects its retailers not to sell other brands of cell phones in their stores. However, most retailers disagree with this, arguing that their profitability is reduced when they carry only one brand. Such conflicts are referred to as ______ conflicts.


When a firm chooses only one wholesaler or retailer to sell its products in each geographic area, this is known as ______ distribution.


When a firm's target market is accustomed to shopping at certain retailers or wholesalers, that firm will probably need to use ______ channels of distribution to reach its desired customers.


Fyx Autos Inc., an automobile company, has acquired one of its major distributors. This is referred to as

Vertical Integration

In the market environment, discrepancies of quantity occur because

individual producers often make larger quantities of products than individual consumers normally want to buy.

Nuxall Confections produces a variety of different candies. Nuxall Confections wants its candies to be available anywhere a consumer might look for them and as a result uses a wide variety of intermediaries to distribute them, including grocery stores, drugstores, convenience stores, gas stations, and vending machines. This is an example of ________ distribution


When producers want to handle the distribution job entirely by themselves, they

operate their own stores or sell directly to customers through a website.