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Jim must hold a newspaper at arm’s length to read it. He should be checked for
Hearing loss in middle age is
Tim has recently realized that he has difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds when he listens to his favorite music on the stereo. His condition is referred to as
Loss of strength after age 45 is attributed to
the loss of muscle fiber which is replaced by fat
Changes in appearance in middle age are due to
loss of collegen and elastic fibers
Menopause is?
Cessation of menstruation and the ability to bear children typically around ago 50
The climacteric is a
3-5 yr bperiod before menstration
The most common symptom of menopause is
hot flashes
William is 47 years old and suffers from hypertension. What other health problem is William at risk for as a consequence of his hypertension?
Cardiovascular disease and kidney disease
The largest underlying factor in African Americans’ health problems is poverty, which is related to
limited access to healthcare, poorer health, shorter lifespan
Chronically high blood pressure is called`
Janet is becoming stooped as she ages and has had several broken bones. She probably suffers from
Hormone therapy may increase the risk of __________ in postmenopausal women
uterine (ovarian gallbladder) cancer
The damage that occurs when coping abilities are inadequate to meet the demands is called
allostatic load
According to the text, stressful events are LESS LIKELY to lead to illness when the stressful event is
Emotional exhaustion, a feeling of being unable to accomplish anything on the job, and a sense of helplessness and loss of control, which is especially common among workers in the helping professions, is called
Ruby can remember a great deal of information and has a large vocabulary. According to Cattell and Horn, Ruby has high __________ intelligence.
Shawn is good at perceiving relationships and forming concepts. When confronted with a new problem, he can usually solve it. According to Cattell and Horn, Shawn has high __________ intelligence.
Information processing and fluid abilities are captured for expert problem solving in a process called
Advances in __________ continue at least through middle adulthood and are relatively independent of general intelligence.
Donna is creative. She probably is
risk taker, free thinker
Adam is 42 years old and in the midst of his midlife transition. According to Carl Jung’s analysis of midlife, Adam needs to accomplish two important tasks for a successful transition:
giving up the image of youth and acknowledging mortality
According to Erikson, middle-aged adults are involved in the crisis of
generatively vs stagnation