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The Big Bad Wolf's teeth were
as sharp as razors.
The King's castle was
as big as a mountain.
The Frog Prince was
as green as the grass.
The four horsemen were
as small as mice.
Cinderella's glass slipper was
as small as a child's shoe.
Little Red Riding Hood's cape was
as red as an apple.
The giant's voice was
as loud as thunder.
Snow White's skin was
as white as the snow.
The dragon's breath was
as fiery as a volcano.
The wicked witch was
as ugly as a troll.
The Princess was
as pretty as a flower in Spring.
The giant was
as tall as a tree.
Paul Bunyan's ox, Babe, was
as blue as the sky.
The Queen's crown was
as shiny as a new penny.
The Prince's coach was drawn by four horses who were
as quick as lightning.