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What is the Maximum Permissible Operating Altitude?
47,000 Feet
What is Maximum Ramp Weight (Mod. M57 Installed)?
36,700 lbs
What is the Maximum Takeoff Weight?
36,500 Pounds
What is the Maximum Landing Weight?
33,000 Pounds
What is the Maximum Zero Fuel Weight?
28,660 Pounds
Maximum Flaps Extended (VFE ) for:
Slats Extended + 10° Flaps:
Slats Extended + 20° Flaps :
Slats Extended + 10° Flaps:
200 KIAS
Slats Extended + 20° Flaps :
160 KIAS
What is the Maximum Landing Gear
Extended Speed (VLE / MLE)?
245 KIAS / 0.75M
What is the Maximum Landing Gear
Operating Speed (VLO / MLO)?
190 KIAS / 0.70M
What is VMCA (Minimum Control - Air)?
What is VMCG (Minimum Control - Ground)?
98 kias
What is the Maximum Tire Ground Speed?
195 kts
What is the Maximum Operating Speed (VMO / MMO)?
370 KIAS / 0.862M
What is the Maximum Speedbrake Extension Speed?
no limit
Maximum Windshield Wiper Operating Speed?
215 kias
What is Maximum Direct Vision Window Opening Speed?
215 kias
What are Minimum & Maximum Airport
Pressure Altitudes for Takeoff and Landing?
-1,000 / 10,000 Feet
(Paved / Hard-Surfaced Runways Only)
What is the Maximum Air Temperature
Approved For Takeoff and Landing?
50°C @ Sea Level
Is Anti-Skid Required for Takeoff?
Anti-skid MUST be operational for takeoff
Maximum Crosswind - Demonstrated?
35 KTS
Maximum Tailwind Component?
10 KTS
What is the Maximum Load Factor in Flight for Flaps UP?
-1.0 to +2.64G
What is the Maximum Load Factor in Flight for Flaps DOWN?
0.0 to +2.0G
What is the Maximum Runway Slope?
± 2.0%
What is the Minimum Altitude for Autopilot Use?
Non-Precision Approach:
Coupled ILS:
Radio Altimeter
Radio Altimeter Inoperative:
Cruise: 1,000 Feet AGL
Non-Precision Approach: 250 Feet AGL
Coupled ILS: Radio Altimeter Operative: 70 Feet AGL
Radio Altimeter Inoperative: 160 Feet AGL
The autopilot must be OFF for
takeoff and landing.
What is the Maximum In-Flight Generator Output?
Stabilized – 400 Amps
Transient (5 Seconds) – 800 Amps Transient (40 Seconds) – 600 Amps
Transient (160 Seconds) – 500 Amps
What is Maximum Voltage of the DC System?
29.5 Volts
What is the Maximum Generator Output On Ground?
300 Amps
What is the Maximum Differential Pressure?
9.3 PSI
What is the Maximum Negative Differential Pressure?
-0.3 PSI
The Total Usable Fuel Quantity Is:
LH Wing + Half Center Wing Box: 906 gal ,6070 lbs
RH Wing + Half Center Wing Box: 906 gal 6085 lbs
Airplane Total Capacity: 1,814 gal 12,155 lbs
What is the Minimum In-Tank Fuel
Temperature During Flight?
≥ 3°C Above Freezing Point of Fuel Used
What is the Maximum Fuel Dissymmetry for
2,200 Pounds
What is the Maximum System Fueling
50 PSI / 3.5 Bars / 350 KPa
What Are the Approved Hydraulic Fluids?
Those Conforming to AIR 3520 Specifications
Those Conforming to MIL-H-5606
Specifications (NATO Codes H515 or H520)
When Must All Anti-Ice Systems Be Turned
Operating in Visible Moisture
When TAT < +10°C
Continuous Use of the Supplemental Oxygen
System is Prohibited Above the Following
CABIN Altitudes:
Carrying Passengers: 25,000 ft
Crew Only: 40,000 ft EROS
Thrust Ratings (Uninstalled-Sea Level-ISA)
Takeoff: 5,888 Pounds
Maximum Continuous: 5,613
Which Engine Parameter Is Used For Setting
Maximum N1 and N2:
Maximum Continuous
Maximum / Normal Takeoff
(5 Minutes Maximum)
Maximum Continuous 96.7 104.9
Maximum / Normal Takeoff
(5 Minutes Maximum)
96.7 106
Engine Vibration Limits:
N1 : 1.0 IN/SEC
N2 : 1.5 IN/SEC
Interstage Turbine Temperature (ITT) Limits (Starting):
Restart Max Temperature:
Windmilling Max Continuous:
Ground Start: 815°C
Airstart: 890°C
Restart Max Temperature: 150°C
Windmilling: 970°C (10 Seconds Max)
1000 C (2 seconds max)
Starting Time Limits - Ground:
Start to Light-Off:
After Reaching ?% N2
Light-Off to Idle:
Start to Light-Off: 10 Seconds Maximum
After Reaching 22% N2
Light-Off to Idle: 60 Seconds Maximum
Starting Time Limits – Airstart (Light-Off to Idle):
Assisted: 60 Seconds Maximum
Windmilling: 180 Seconds
What is the APU Maximum Operating /
Starting Altitude?
Max N1
Max N1 110%
--starting 974 C
--stabilized 746 C
What is the APU Maximum Generator
Transient (1 Minute Maximum): Amps
0 – 10,000 Feet: Amps
10,000 – 25,000 Feet: Amps
25,000 – 35,000 Feet: Amps
Transient (1 Minute Maximum): 350 Amps
0 – 10,000 Feet: 300 Amps
10,000 – 25,000 Feet: 250 Amps
25,000 – 35,000 Feet: 200 Amps
Baggage Compartment
Limit lbs
limit lb/sq ft
1600 lbs
not to exceed 61.4 lb/sq ft
LH and RH coat compartment
not to exceed lb/sq ft
not to exceed 81.9 lb/sq ft
5990 lbs
CG datum
25% of MAC
VA (maneuvering speed)
198 kias
landing light limit
15 minutes ON / 45 minutes off
Fuel types limit?
use of JP-4 and Jet B flight altitudes limited to 23,000 ft after a low booster pump failure
Pressure fueling system
50 psi
Fuel Control Computer
FQMC must be operational for Takeoff
T/O 5888 lbs
MCT 5613 lbs
Oil Pressure Limits
Operating range
Transient (minutes)
Minimum (at idle)
Cold Start
Oil Pressure Limits
Operating range 60-85 psi
Transient (3 minutes) 85 to 100 psi
Minimum (at idle) 30 psi
Cold Start oil to < 0. (2.5 min max) - 135 psi
Oil Temperature Limits
Cold Start
Oil Temperature Limits
Max 138 C
Min 30 C
Transient (3 min) 138 to 155 C
Cold Start -40 C
Requirements to use TR
All 3 wheels on ground
down to 20 kts
Wing Span
Gear Width
Height 23' 8"
Wing Span 63' 5"
Length 66' 4"
Gear width 14' 7"
Minimum Battery Voltage for start
ITT limits
Maximum Takeoff (APR):
Normal Takeoff:
Maximum Continuous:
Maximum Takeoff (APR): 890°C (5 Minutes Max)
Normal Takeoff: 864°C (5 Minutes Max)
Maximum Continuous: 861°C