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Which one of the following is NOT a correct description of a pattern of motion shared by the planets in our solar system
Most planets rotate in the opposite direction compared to the direction in which they orbit the Sun
Which one of the following is NOT an exception to the general patterns seen in the solar system
the rings of Saturn
Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of the inner (terrestrial) planets
They all have substantial atmospheres
Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of the outer (jovian) planets
They have very few, if any, satellites
Which planet has the Highest average surface temperature, and why
Venus, because of its dense carbon dioxide atmosphere that traps heat
Which one of the following observations BEST indicates that conditions on Mars may have been suitable for life in the past
There are numerous dried-up riverbeds on Mars
Through nuclear fusion, the Sun converts 4 million tons of ___ into energy per second
Which one of the following statements is NOT correct (Earth)
Earth's atmosphere is mostly oxygen
The nebular theory explains ___
the formation of the solar system
The shrinking solar nebula does three things. Which of the following is NOT one of those things?
Generates a huge magnetic field because of the fluid nature of the small rtating particles
Two scientists associated with the nebular hypothesis are
Kant and Laplace
What do meteorites reveal about the solar system
Meteorites reveal that the age of the solar system is between 4.55 and 4.60 billion years old
The nebular theory of the formation of the solar system successfully predicts all but ONE of the following. Which one does the theory NOT predict
The equal number of terrestrial and jovian planets
Planetesimal seed formation was due to ___ of solid particles at low temperatures
The ___occurs between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where the temperature is less than 150 K
frost line
The process of growth by colliding and sticking is called
The first few hundred million years of the solar system saw a period of
heavy bombardment
Which lists the major steps of solar system formation in the correct order
collapse, condensation, accretion
Leftover ice-rich planetesimals are called
Why didnt a terrestrial planet form at the location of the asteroid belt
Jupiter's gravity kept sizable planetesimal from accreting
What is the leading theory for the formation of the Moon?
The moon formed from the material ejected in a a giant impact (giant impact theory)
Radiometric dating has also indicated that the source of the "trigger" to begin our solar system formation came from
the explosion of a nearby star (supernova)
Which planet is the LEAST dense, such that it would float in a tub of water (if a large enough tub could be found)
Rocks well over 4 billion years old have been found on the Moon. Why are most of the oldest complete rocks found on the Earth only about 3.7-3.8 billion years old?
Plate tectonics subducted most of the oldest rocks back into the Earth where they were re-melted and thus lost to us.
In August 2006, the IAU defined what makes a planet in our solar system. Which one of the following statements is NOT part of that definition
A plaent must be larger in diameter than 1,000 km (621 miles)
The Sun's radius is approximately ___ times the radius of the Earth
From our point of view here on Earth, when a planet crosses in front of the Sun or a mooon crosses in front of its plaent, we call that phenomenon a
The extreme greenhouse effect on Venus occurs because
incoming visible light strikes the surface, is absorbed, and radiates as infrared light, which cannot penetrate the dense clouds composed mostly of CO2
The Van Allen belts that encircle the Earth are a consequence of Earth's
magnetic field
Jupiter is a little over ___ AU from the Sun. (hint: Each number below is associated with an actual planet)
Neptune's largest moon, Triton, orbits Neptune in a direction opposite to its other satellites, implying that Triton ___
is most likely a Kuiper Belt object that wandered too close to Neptune and was captured by its gravity
The largest Kuiper Belt object found so far, 2003 UB313, was given what "proper" name by the IAU in 2006
Pluto currently has ___ moons
Finding the ages of rocks using the principles of radioactive decay in isotopes is called
radiometric dating
The ___ extends outward to between 50,000 and 100,000 AU, may contain 10^12 comets, and is roughly speherical in shape
Oort Cloud
Elements that make up the planets and us were formed through the process of
galactic recycling
The shrinking solar nebula flattened into a disk because of
collisions between particles in a spinning cloud
Rock (silicon-based minerals) condenses at around
500-1,300 K
At the end of the era of planet formation, the remaining H and He gas was swept away into interstellar space primarliy by the
Strong solar wind
Angular momentum transfer from the young Sun occurred because of a
strong solar wind and strong solar magnetic field
After its birth, the young Sun was spinning much ___ than it is now
___ discovered the two moons of Mars_Phobos and Deimos- in 1877
The discovery of the 4.4-billion-year-old zircon on Earth implies that
Earth was much cooler earlier than anyone had previously thought