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• These bugs do not gram stain well
• Special culture requirements for N. Gonorrhoeae
• Which spp are Obligate aerobes
• Which spp are Obligate Anaerobes
• Which bugs are obligate intracellular
• Which bugs are Facultative intracellular
• Which bacteria are encapsulated
• Urease (+) bugs
• What color pigment does Actinomyces Israelii produce
• What color pigment does S. aureus produce
• What color pigment does Psuedomonas aeruginosa produce
• What color pigment does Serratia Marcescns produce
• Is endotoxin found in gram (+) or gram (-) bacteria
• Genes for the following 5 bacterial toxins encoded in lysogenic phage
• Using antibiotics how do you differentiate from Staphylococci Saprophyticus and Staphylococci Epidermidis
• Using antibiotics how do you differentiate the different Streptococci
• How can you differentiate between the two alpha hemolytic bacteria?
• Symptoms of rheumatic fever
• Main characteristics of Corynebacterium diphtheria
• How do you treat Nocardia, How do you treat Actinomyces
• Lactose fermenting enteric bacteria
• Which type of sugars are fermented by Neisseria gonococcus? Which type of sugars are fermented by Neisseria meningiococcus?
• What are the special culture requirements for Haemophilus Influenza
• How do you culture and stain legionella pneumophilia?
• Characteristics of Klebsiella
• How is salmonella and shigella transmited
• Name the spirochetes
• Symptoms of lyme disease
• VDRL what does it normally test for and what would cause it to give a false positive?
• List the zoonotic bacteria
• What are the causes of rashes on palms and soles?
• What does types A,B, and C of chlamidia trachomatous cause?