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Which feature allows you to view several frames of an animation the Stage simultaneously?
onion skin
Which of the following Flash file types is compressed from an original flash format designed for small file size and scalability?
Which of the following are benefits of building your project using ActionScript 3.0
supports type safety for easy to maintain code; the language is simple and intuitive
When working with a client which party determines the target audience
Which feature allows you to visually stack elements on top of each other?
Which of the following criteria could be used when determining your target audience?
age, marital status, ethnic group, gender
Which process allows you to quickly layout elements of a design for visual organization prior to starting a project?
creating a storyboard
Which of the following is a benefit of using scenes in your document?
each scene has a separate timeline to help you stay organized
Which of the following are elements of design?
shape, line , form, texture
A usability test is commonly used for which of the following?
preventing errors when publishing Flash projects
Which of the following should be considered to avoid audio accessibility problems?
including captions or transcripts; include volume controls
The project manager is responsible for which of the following?
budget, project scope, project timeline
Before beginning to build your project, which of the following can impact the overall design framework?
which platform you're developing for
Which of the following can improve performance when developing for mobile platforms?
limit the number of stimltaneous tweens, avoid using alpha=0 and visible =false to hide on screen movie clips, avoid scaling or rotating bitmap images
When developing content for a website which of the following allows for user feedback
contact forms, online poll
Which of the following correctly describes a Creative Commons license?
its used when you want to give others permission to share, use, or add to a work you created
Which of the following correctly describes a Playhead?
it moves as a document plays to indicate the current frame displayed on the Stage
Which tool allows you to draw straight or curved paths by clicking to create points?
pen tool
Which of the following accurately describe a movie clip?
have their own multi frame timeline that is independent from the main movies timeline, scriptable with ActionScript, can place a movie clip inside the timeline of a button symbol to create animated buttons
Which of the following makes it possible for a screen reader to identify an object?
the name in accessibilities panel
Which of the following creates an animation of one shape morphing into another shape?
shape tween
Which of the following are options to help reduce the file size of a published Flash document?
use symbols for elements that appear more than once, use mp3, group elements
Which of the following correctly describes the user interface?
a graphic visual way for the user to interact with the computer
Which of the following correctly describes the timeline?
it organizes and controls a documents content over time in layers and frames
Which of the following are ways that layers can help organize a document?
giving each layer an intuitive name, using a layer folder to group similar layers
which of the following are benefits of creating a storyboard for your project?
it helps you visualize different design options without wasting work and time
Which of the following ActionScript errors occur while compiling the code but doesn't prevent it from compiling?
Compiler warning
in terms of project management which of the following correctly describes a stakeholder
any person that's invested in the outcome of the project