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what's that vent called on the PRP that keeps pressure equalized..?
compensating vent
what's the material around the copper tubing called for the hsd transmission line..?
how thick is the copper tubing diameter on the hsd transmission line?
1/8th inch
after the PRP is reset how long should you wait
..about 5 minutes..
when you hear "RAPIDLY AND COMPLETELY" what valve is this referring to?
hydraulically operated control valve (HOCV)
what change in the prp must it be to trip it..?
where is the FH alarm located?
dry side of the cla valve
for 50 cal what's the max effective range?
2000 yards max effective range
waht's the maximum range of the 50 cal?
7400 yards

How is the .50 cal operated?


for the m14 rifle.. what ammo size is it?
.762 mm

For the m16 what are the 3 firing modes?

Safe, Semi and Auto

how is the m16 cooled?
air cooled
how is the m16 operated?
what's the max effective range of the m16
550 meters

How do you put a m79 in SAFE?

Pull the safety all the way BACK

how do you open the breech end of the barrel on the m79?
you have to push the barrel locking latch all the way to the right.
where's the safety on the m500?
by your thumb
what's the max effective range of the m16?
550 meters
what's the status panel of the vls do?
gives the status of the launcher
who controls vls firing?
what kind of stuff do you see on the status panel for vls?
power, anti icing, deluge reset, deluge low pressure, low water, gas, high pressure plenum water
what's mcm stand for
motor control module
how long does it take to flood a magazine?
1 hour
mk38 mod2
m242 bushmaster chain gun, 25mm automatic (looks like r2d2)
mag sprink.. what's the size of the orifice plate?
.098 or 40 drill bit
what happens to water pressure as the orifice hole gets bigger...
water pressure decreases
vls tank accumulator carries how many gallons fresh water?
15 gals
tank accumulator vls carries what minimum gallons?
13 gallons

What's the purpose of the VLS deluge system?

To cool the warhead when there's a fire

what pressure level sets off the deluge vls system?
what's the max pressure of the vls deluge system?
how many hsd lines are attached to a prp? (max)?
there's 6 lines (but they can split making 12)

What's the max HSD's per prp?


how much psi to set off a cla valve system?
at what temperature does the fusable link melt on the hsd?
160 + or - 3
for women's finger nails how big can they be..?
no more than 1/4 inch
when will you see a 2way control valve?
in smaller mags..
how far does the hsd have to be from the bulkhead?

What's AN UYK 44? (VLS)

Data processing set

What's the OL 267? (VLS)

It's the input output control console

What's the OL 173 (VLS)

it's the backup data processing set

what's the USH 26? vls
it's the program tape.. records on 0,1,2,3.. 0 is program, 1 is history, 2 and 3 are scratch.. (this system is still used but being phased out)
waht's MCP stand for?
motor control panel