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Which characters first see the ghost? What do they think the sighting means?
Fransisco, Bernardo, Marcellus, and Horatio.
They think he is there to tell them the outcome of the war.
Horatio speaks in some length about Rome and the time "A little ere mightiest Julius fell." Which supernatural phenomenon is he trying to understand?
The ghost appearing and predicting the future.
Hamlet agrees to stay in Elsinore and not to return to Wittenburg. why?
His mother wants him to stay because he is still mourning and is depressed. it will make his mother happy.
Hamlet stated confidentiality that "foul deeds will rise, though all the earth o'erwhelm them, to men's eyes." what is he talking about?
The ghost will tell him something bad has happened.
Laertes warns Ophelia not to give in to the advances of Prince Hamlet. what are the reasons?
False promises, not true to her. might not marry her. and doesn't want her reputation ruined.
In their conversation immediately following the departure of Laertes, Polonius tells Ophelia that she must not spend any more time with Hamlet. Why not?
she's needs to protect her reputation/honor or no one will want to marry her.
What's Hamlet's state of mind when we first see the ghost? Why does he feel his is " too much in the sun"?
he is excited to see his ghost dad
How does Hamlet react to his new suspicions? why can he not be sure his suspicions are true? what does he make his friends swear?
he vows to get revenge; however he has no evidence.
to never speak of it
Hamlets father's ghost tells him to not take revenge upon Gertrude. why?
she was influenced by Claudius and will get her karma in the after life
Why does hamlet tell Horatio that "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, that are dreamt of in your [our] philosophy?
they can't possibly know the reasons behind everything.