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What is foreshadowed in the scene in the graveyard?
The gravediggers are used to clearly foreshadow that more deaths will occur in this tragic play, and the audience is made to wonder for whom the next grave will be readied.
What is ironic about Hamlet's joking with the gravedigger?
its a graveyard
What general comment about time is made in the grave-digging scene?
The Gravediggers relate to time as the ultimate equivocator. Time humbles all men because they end up in the same place. The gravediggers say that whether one is a king or a beggar they end up in the dirt. Time even things out. If you fallow their food chain logic a king sooner or later may go through the digestive system of a beggar. (Worm eats dead king- fish eats worm-beggar catches fish....) This actually really inspires hamlet when he talks about Alexander the Great becoming a cork!
what does Laertes do that angers Hamlet?
He jumps into Ophelia's grave
What is Hamlet's response to these actions of Laertes? (grave digging scene)
he leaps into the grave too and fights with Laertes
V2 What did Hamlet do with the commission letters that Claudius had sent with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
he changed the order to kill Ros and Guild when they reach England
V2 In line 62, Horatio exclaims, "Why, what a king is this!" what change has taken place in Hamlet?
hamlet has changed
What does Hamlet mean when he says, " the image of my cause, i see the portraiture of his..." ?
Hamlet is pretty much saying that by the image of my cause, I can see myself in him. Him meaning he can see his reflection in Claudius. The Two compare Claudius killed Old Hamlet and Young Hamlet killed Polonius.
How does Hamlet feel about the fencing match?
I don’t think so. I’ve been practicing fencing constantly since he went off to France. With the handicap they’ve given me, I think I’ll win. But I have a sinking feeling anyway. Oh well.
What is the nature of Hamlet's speech to Laertes before they fence?
Apologetic......Hamlet is saying, please forgive me for insulting you earlier, i have a mental illness and it was the illness that spoke, not me.
who accidentally drinks the poisoned wine?
the queen
How is Hamlet mortally wounded?
Laertes wounds Hamlet with the poison-tipped sword
What long anticipated act does Hamlet finally Complete?
Hamlet finally kills the king by wounding him with the poisoned sword, then forcing him to drink the rest of the poison
What does Horatio attempt to do?
Kill himself with the rest of the poisoned drink
What does Hamlet want Horatio to do?
To live....To tell everyone what happened; set the story straight.
What is Hamlet's final act as King of Denmark?
Voting for Fortinbras for the Danish crown