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Soecimens for tissue examination

fresh or preserved tossue

Photoplasmic activities found in living tissue

motion, mitosis, phagocytosis and pinocytosis

Methods of Fresh Tissue examination

Teasing or Dissociation, Squash preparation, Smear preparation, Frozen section

a process whereby selected tissue specimen is inmersed in a watch glass containing isotonic solution, carefully dissected and examined under microscope

Teasing or Dissociation

What microscope is used in unstained tissues

Phase Contrast or Bright field microscope

It stains tissues

differential dye

is a process whereby pieces of tissue are placed in microscopic slude and forcibly compressed with another slide

Squash preparation or Crushing

Size of the sample for squash preparation


is the process of examining sections wherby cellular materials are spread lightly over a slude by means of a wire loop or applicator or by making apposition smear with another slude

Smear preparation

This technique is especially useful in cytological examination, particularly for camcer diagnosis

Smear preparation

Types of Smear oreparation 4

Streaking, Spreading, Pullaoart and Touch prerparation

Touch preparation is also known as

Impression smear

this method is utilized when a rapid diagnosis of the tissue in question is requireed

Forzen section

It is especially reconmended when lipids and nervous tissue elements are to be demonstrated

Frozen section

Concentric circle from inner to outer

aseptic technique

Drop of blood dianeter