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A more pop oriented version of R&B containing heavy influences from gospel that is associated with the 1960's. Characteristics include a powerful rhythmic drive from the bass and drums, melismatic singing and in some cases heavy orchestrations
Soul Music
The use of short repeating musical phrases to create a hypnotic effect
A feature of multi-track tape recorders that allow the recording of additional parts independently of each other while listening to previously recorded tracks with headphones
A technique where male singers sing in a very high 'head' vioce that is beyond their natural vocal range
A folk jam session where traditional folk songs are sung
Writers such as Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs , and Allen Ginsberg who gained notoriety in the 1950s and espoused a philospohy of existentialism and a rejection of materialism
Beat Writers
Traditional New Orleans jazz, sometimes called Dixieland
Trad Jazz
A DI?Y music played by small groups, using guitars, washboards, empty lugs, etc.
A term describing disaffected English youth in the 1960's, who greased up their hair and wore leather clothing: comparable to the Southern US "Cat"
Teddy Boys
A radio format characterized by the playing of an eclectic mix of music, particularily long, non-commercial album cuts, usually accompanied by low key, spaced-out DJ conversation. Sometimes called progressive rock radio
Underground Rock Radio
An umbrella term, usually associated with the music of the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960's, that encompasses a wide variety of stylistic approaches , often with free form improvisions and heavy influences from the blues and folk music
Acid Rock
A short repeated musical phrase either melodic or rhythmic
A style emerging in the 1960's that incorporated blues riffs, power chords and distorted guitar, typically played by a power trio (guitar, bass, and drums).
Hard Rock
A two note chord (using the root and the 5th of a chord) using distortion: a common characteristic of hard rock and heavy metal
Power chord
Best place to have sex in Portland
Your Mom
Combines the essential elements of folk music- socially relevant lyrics, strumming guitars and a softer manner- with the electric instruments of rock
Folk Rock
An umbrella term to describe the solo singer/ composers that emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s characterized by personal, confessional lyrics and soft, soothing music
Singer/ Songwriters
A style that combines elements normally associated with country music, such as pedal steel guitars, two-beat rhythm and twangy vocals with rock
Country Rock
A more intense evolution of hard rock, characterized by lyrical themes of evil, death and darkness, etc. influences from classical music and virtuoso lead guitarists
Heavy Metal
A diverse and eclectic miz of rock styles that were bound together by the common philosiphy to incorporate elements of other forms of music generally described as art or high culture (such as classical and jazz) into a rock context.
Art Rock/ Progressive rock
An umbrella term encompassing a wide variety of styles whose artists utilized flamboyant fashions and assaults on sexual conventions
Glam Rock
A highly produced and polished soul style from the early 1970s hat emphasized lush string and horn arrangements and smooth vocal harmonies. Also referred to as romantic soul.
Soft or Romantic Soul
An evolution of R&B and soul characterized by the heavy rhythmic groove, use of minimalism and group vocal chants.
The jazz style of the early 1970s that embraced rock elements such as rhythm, electric instruments, and simpler harmonies
Jazz/ Rock Fusion
A Jamaican style that evolved from the country's indigenous folk music, American R&B, and traditional Afro-Caribbean music; it is associated with the Rastafarian movement
The intertwined patterns played by the bass, guitar, and drums that is a characteristic of reggae
A religious movement originating in Jamaica espoussing African repatriation: characterized by songs of political protest, smoking of ganja and wearing of dreadlocks
An African drumming style adopted by and associated with Rastafarian musicians
The indigenous folk music of rural Jamaica dating back to the nineteenth century: an ancestor of reggae
A Jamaican precedent to reggae characterized by R&B influences, walking bass and strong, sharp offbeat accents played on the guitar.
The spontaneous commentary provided by DJs at dancehall parties in Kingston, Jamaica, that usually involved the creative use of ryming, interesting verbal sounds, and nonsense syllables
A process in which DJs mix interesting sections of different songs together
Dance oriented pop characterized by a relentlessly pounding beat, use of synthesizers, drum machines, percussion instruments and vocal chants
Dance clubs that typically employ DJs to play records rather than hiring a live band
A style emerging simultaneously in New York and London in the late 1970s that is characterized by an angry, nihilistic DIY attitude; also refers to the culture that sprang up around the music
A form of dancing associated with punk rock that is characterized by pushing, shoving, and jostling
A semi-professional band that typically practices in the garage or basement of a home, with the intent of having fun and playing at an occasional dance
Garage Band
A scene that developed in London in the 1970s where little known and uinsigned bands were free to play original and experimental music
Pub Rock`
A harder, darker, and angrier evolution of punk that emerged in the 1980s, especially in Los Angeles
A dance style associated with hardcore characterized by slamming bodies into each other, often accompanied by moshing
Slam Dancing
An acronym for musical instrument digital interface, a computer protocol that enables digital instruments and computer software to communicate with each other
Synthesizers that digitally record (sample) sounds that can be played back and manipulated from MIDI instrument
Digital Samplers
A rock style that incorporates musical influences, instruments, and musicians from different cultures
Worldbeat/ World Music
South African street music that incorporates American doo-wop and R&B influences
Mbaqanga Music
The Creole dance music of southwest Louisiana
Music that emerged in the 1980s particularly from college towns such as athens, GA and Austin, TX, that showed a spirit of independence from the major labels and mainstreams styles
Alternatice Rock
A more comercially oriented version of metal rock, using keyboards and vocal harmonies with catchy pop hooks designed to be more accessible to a wider audience
Pop Metal
A faster, darker and more intense style of metal that is often fast, technically demanding, and utilizes complex and dificult musical composition
Thrash/ Speed Metal
Small group accordian dance music native to Texas and northern Mexico
A style associated with Seattle in the 1990's that incorporates elements of punk and heavy metal; also associated with fashion statement of flannel shirts and ripped jeans etc.
A network in whcich peer nodes (computers, PDAs, etc.) can share file information such as audio or video with each other. Peers in this case act simultaneously as both clients and servers
Peer-to-peer protocol
Based in Santa Monica, California, owner of A&M, Def jam, Verve, Interscope, and motown. Revenues of 7 billion and owned by the french conglomerate Vivendi
Universal Music Group (UMG)
Based in New York, owner of Arista, Columbia, Epic, and RCA. The company is the result of a merger in 2004 with (HINT) entertainment, and has annual revenues of 5 bil
Sony BMG music entertinment
Based in London, owner of Capitol, Virgin, and Blue Note. Annual rev of 4 bil
EMI group
Based in New York, owner of Atlantic, ASylum, and Elektra. Annual sales of 2.5 Billion.
Warner Music Group