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Leader who unified Italy
In the 1850s, Italy gave support to _____ and _____ in the Crimean War, he was allowed to sit at the table with big leaders
Britain and France
Cavour talks to ________ III, who says he will support Cavour and Peadmont in a war against ______
Napoleon, Peadmont
______ ______ becomes the first king of Italy
Victor Emanuel
1862: William appoints _____ as the prime minister of Germany
Bismarck is an advocate of ______, or the belief that power is important, a leader needs to make things happen
First conflict in the unification of Germany, involves Bismarck making his opponent look like the bad guy
Austro Prussian War (aka 7 Weeks War)
Bismarck edits the ___ Dispatch from William in order to go to war with the _____
Ems, French
Year of the Franco Prussian War, who wins?
1870, Germany
The positive effects of nationalism and its power to form a nation is shown in ______
As Ottoman Empire is in decline, Austria and Russia try to claim land in the _____
First people to try to claim independence from Ottoman Empire
______causes many groups in the Balkans to revolt
The Congress of _____ splits power over smaller groups between Russia and Austria, causes tension
Officer in the French army, accused of passing secrets to Germans because he was Jewish
Alfred Dreyfus
1896: ____ starts the Zionist movement, writes a paper supporting Jews
Political causes of Imperialism
Rise of nationalism (prestige of global empire), national security (naval bases, political competition)
Economic causes of imperialism
Natural resources, new markets, returns on investments, growing population, industrialization
Social causes of imperialism
Religion: desire to spread one's religion, western values (superiority over others), social darwinism
Britain's biggest imperialistic colony is _____
Revolt of Indian soldiers because of rifles that are greased with pig and cattle fat
Sepoy Revolt (1857)