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The study of populations with reference to...

population size, gender, growth, age, distribution, vital stats, mortality, fertility, migration

Greatest influences on population distribution/growth

mortality, fertility, migration

The most basic characteristics of a population distribution

Age and Gender

Sex Ratio

males/females x 100%

Female Death Rate

# of female deaths/total # of females in the pop

x 100

Male Death Rate

# of male deaths/Total # of males in the population x 100

Life Expectancy

the average number of years a person is expected to live

Life expectancy at birth refers to...

the average number of years a newborn baby is most likely to live if current mortality trends persist

Life expectancy at a given age

the average number of additional years a person of age x is likely to live if current mortality trends persist

Life expectancy is an indicator of a countries...

wealth and health conditions

Years of Life Lost (YLL)

life expectancy at a given age can help you determine potential years of life lost

calculated based a lifespan of 65 years

Good to use with infants but not elderly