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In the book, Hurt Go Happy, what killed Sukari?
she had liver cancer from the pesticide testing
In the book, Hurt Go Happy, what did Sukari want while she lay dying?
studded turquoise Miami Dolphin, recent issue of Esquire magazine, a raggedy Ann doll
In the book, Hurt Go Happy, how did Joey take Sukari back to California?
she carried her ashes back in a small oak box
In the book, Hurt Go Happy, what was Sukari's favorite flower
In the book, Hurt Go Happy, what did Joey whisper as she left the place where Sukari's ashes were planted?
I see you, too, sugar-butt
Where does Joey live?
Fort Bragg, California
How deaf is Joey?
What is Joey's mother's occupation?
Joey's stepfather drives a logging truck for who?
What dish does Ray love to eat?
Beefsteak mushrooms
What is the chimp's name?
When the old man told Sukari to tell Joey she was sorry for biting her what did Sukari call herself?
"a dirty diaper devil"
When Joey first met Charlie, how did she say she lost her hearing?
she was sick
What sickness did Joey first tell Charlie she had that caused her to lose her hearing?
Until ______ago Joey had been home schooled. Fill in the blank.
two years
Why did Jeoy flush crimson when she saw Kenny standing on the front steps with two other boys?
he smiled at her
What paperback did Ms. Rowe hold up?
Steinback's The Pearl and The Red Pony
In what class does Joey have the best grades?
What was Joey's worst subject?
Who is Joey's only friend at school?
When Roxy told Joey's mom that not letting Joey learn to sign ws stupid, what did Joey's Mom say back to her?
"My daughter, my decision. I wish I could say it had been a pleasure to meet you"
What was Joey's memory of Glass Beach?
remembering when she slept there
How did Joey feel when she got her first letter?
a strange sense of herself, as if she'd become an adult
When is Joey's speech therapy?
What was Joey's first letter about?
it was about how Mr. Mansell was apologizing for getting upset and wanted her to visit on Saturday
What did Joey tell her mother when she asked her to go to the beach with Luke so she could spent time with Sukari?
she had too much homework
What was Sukari's raction to seeing Joey through the glass door?
she signed I-see-you and began twirling around
When Sukari signed BOOK to Mr. Mansell, which one did he give her?
the animal alphabet book
In Sukari's room, what hung from a chain from the ceiling?
a chair
What is the name of a secretive bird that sounds like a ping pong ball bouncing away?
Why doesn't Joey use a hearing aid?
they are expensive and she is not through growing so she is waiting to get permanent ones
What did they call Charlie in school?
What did Joey do as soon as her parents left for the movie?
She called Charlie and told him she wasn't allowed over there anymore.
Who did Joe call when Ruth found out about Sukari?
Where did Charlie's dad meet his mother?
school for the deaf
What was Luke doing when he hit his head?
he was playing chase with Sukari
What did Sukari sign to Joey?
Who witnessed Joey's mother giving her the silent treatment when she dropped her off at school?
What did Joey tell her mom she was doing when she went to visit Charlie?
she was going to read
What did Charlie tell Joey's mom the reason she did not want Joey to use sign language?
she was protecting herself, she felt it was her fault Joey was deaf.
When did school end for Joey?
early June
Who did Joey miss most during the summer?
How old is Sukari when Joey turns fourteen?
four years old
What did Ruth do after Sukari showed her her colored picture?
She hugged and kissed Sukari
What did Lynn tell Joey that she did not want Ruth to know she told Joey?
Charlie finished setting up a trust fund so Joey could attend the CA School for the Deaf in Fremont.
Why did Ruth cry about an old song?
It reminded her of all the things she wanted to do with her life.
What was concealed in the letter Lynn wrote to Joey about Sukari?
Lynn had put Sukari in a zoo.
Why is Joey deaf?
Her father beat her.
What did Joey tell the school counselor in order to help out with her brother's fifth birthday?
Ruth dislocated her shoulder.
Where is Sukari's tatoo?
on her leg
What did Sukarie die of?
Liver cancer from the pesticide testing.
What are Sukari's favorite flowers?
red roses
What is the author's name?
Ginny Rorby
This story begins in what month and year?
The story begins in what city and state?
Fort Bragg, CA
Joey's step-father's name was what?
The doctor's told Joey's mother that Joey had lost what percentage of hearing?
Joey's mother worked as a waitress at what café?
Old Dock Café'
Joey's mother boiled certain mushrooms to make a dye for what?
What did Joey say that Smiley had taught her was the gift of being deaf?
Filling your sight w/sound
What book had Smiley given her before leaving the hospital?
Sesame Street sign-language book
What was the chimpanzee wearing when Joey first saw it?
A diaper and a T-Shirt
What was the name of the local lighthouse?
Point Cabrillo
What did Sukari's name mean in Swahili?
How many words does the old man say that Sukari knows?
25 or 30
What does Sukari call the old man and why?
Turtle because he's slow
Charlie tells Joey that in Cameroon, chimpanzees are called what?
What nickname had Joey been given at school because of her FM transmitter?
Joey's first real friend's name was what?
In Mrs. Rowe's class, they were reading which book?
The Red Pony
Why did Joey want to make sure the little boy let the crabs out of the jar?
Because she thinks they can't hear
What was the name on the envelope Joey received in the mail?
What does Mr. Mansell have to bribe Sukari with after Joey left the first time?
An apple, 2 Oreos, and a box of raisins
What letter had Mr. Mansell cut out of Joey's name with a hole punch?
An "E"
Kenny had made the O in Joey's name look like what?
a heart
What was the name of the goose?
What is Joey's birth month and day?
What was the name of the toy store Joey's mom took her to?
Spunky Skunk
What is the name of the school that Charlie set up a trust fund for Joey at?
CA School for the Deaf in Fremont
Where did Mr. McCully tell Joey to meet him in San Francisco?
Hyatt on Union Square
What was the name of the center that Ruth finally found for Sukari?
Center for Great Ape Conservation
What kind of material was the jumpsuit Joey had to wear made of?
What did Joey think was the odor no amount of Clorox could cover?
The stench of fear
What was the first thing Sukari signed to Joey when she came out of the cage?
No Hurt. Hug. Hug.
What was the distance from the Miami airport to Sukari's new home?
Ten miles
What was the date of Sukari's death?
What was Sukari's favorite flower?
Where did Joey take the rest of Sukari's ashes?
the Largest, Tallest Redwood Tree
This book is based upon which sign-language using chimpanzee?