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How does building construction and floor plans impact structural search techniques?
knowledge from inspections, pre-incident surveys, architectural plans, or personal observation.
What information can size-up and situational awareness provide during structural searches?
Size up includes - what happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen?
can provide clues to possible victim location, size and location of fire, structural integrity, possible escape routes, fire escapes.
What are five safety guidelines that should be followed during structural search and rescue?
- do not enter structure in which survivors are not likely to be found.
- if extreme fire behavior, don't enter until fire control and ventilation has been implemented.
- do not freelance.
- maintain radio contact with IC.
- monitor radio traffic for changes.
- monitor fire conditions that may effect safety.
- Use personnel accountability system.
- Be aware of entry point and secondary egress point.
- Where full PPE, SCBA, and PASS.
- work in teams of two... always.
- Maintain control of door when opening.
- Close fire room doors and report.
What are the main differences between primary and secondary search techniques?
Primary - Very Rapid, locate not rescue, areas of most critical areas first to locate victims and fire.
Secondary - conducted by people other than primary. systematic and very through to make sure no victims were missed.
What is the general search method used during structural search?
follow a systematic pattern. enter a room, perform and left or right wall search staying oriented until you reach original point of entry. close door of room following search.
when is the appropriate time to use the oriented search method, wide area search method and thermal imager search method?
oriented search - when you enter a room and are able to keep the leader anchored at the entry point so team members remain oreiented.
wide area - when a large or complex area is filled with smoke. a minimum of 3 team members is required.
TIC - When in areas of extreme darkness or thick smoke where visibility is impossible. They do have major limitations.
What are the main difference in the three types of victim removal methods?
Self extrication - occupants can evacuate on their own, or with minimal assistance.
Shelter in Place - Hazard is minor, safer to keep victim in building, victims can't be moved, limited staffing to evacuate, structure can provide protection from hazard.
Rescue - Required when other to options are not possible. victims may have to be carried from immediate danger. Incline drag, webbing drag, and others.
What are the the three behaviors firefighters must learn and follow to ensure their own survival and that of fellow firefighters?
Recognize and avoid potential hazards
escape unavoidable hazards
rescue lost or trapped firefighters
How does a firefighter decide on the best survival action to take if a MAYDAY event does occur?
The possibilities - remain in place, seek safe haven, or escape.
Escape is always the best option. Air management, conditions, structural integrity, and injury will determine what you do.
When does a RIT team begin work on an incident scene?
The RIT crew is required to be standing in the ready position ready for entry whenever there are firefighters working in the hazard zone. They are dedicated to rescue and can not be used for anything else.
What is LUNAR?
Resources Needed
what are the types of carries used to remove victims or firefighters?
Incline drag - rescuer grabs arms from behind.
Webbing drag - uses webbing wrapped around body
cradle in arms lift - used of kids. no practical of adults
seat lift - 2 rescuers care a victim sitting on arms
extremity carry - 2 rescuers, each grabs arms or legs.
what is the procedure for a SCBA emergency?
1) recognize emergency
2) drop to ground and ensure air bottle is fully on
3) Open bypass valve
4) Communicate MAYDAY with LUNAR
5) Activate Pass, control breathing
6) exit if possible