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Any molecule that can be recognized as foreign is a(n) __1__
1. antigen
which 2 types of cells involved in the specific immune response involve immunological memory?
B and T cells
which cells differentiate from B cells and release antibodies?
plasma cells
2 types of nonspecific immune defenses against pathogen?
stomach acid, acid in vagina/urethra, lysozymes in tears, cilia, mucus, nose hairs, skin, digestive enzymes, etc
t cells are part of __1__ and b cells are part of __2__
1. cell-mediated specific immunity
2. antibody-mediated specific immunity
mast cells contain large amounts of what substance which is involved in allergic response?
what is one effect of release of histamine?
increased capillary permeability, vasodilation, inflammation
by which process do leukocytes squeeze through the circ system by changing shape?
__1__ cells are antigen presenting cells involved in both specific and nonspecific immune repsonses
what is the name of the soluble molecule (protein) that is secreted by antigen presenting cells and activates T cells?
__1__ proteins enhance the inflammatory response by coating pathogens, lysing the cell wall of pathogens, and increasing phagocytosis.
an antibody binds an antigen after recognizing the antigen's __1__ (part of antigen)
antigenic determinant or epitope
An infant receiving maternal antibodies is an example of __1__ immunity whereas vaccinations against chicken pox provide individuals with __2__ immunity.
1. natural passive
2. artificial active
__1__ complex of membrane proteins permits the recognition of self
major histocompatibility
what type of antibody is involved in the immune repsonse and leads to the destruction of mast cells?
IgE (immunoglobulin E)
mother/fetus incompatibility results from an Rh __1__ mother and an Rh __2__ child.
1. negative
2. positive
what is the process called which attracts phagocytes to the site of infection?
3 main processes involved in inflammatory response
increased vasodilation
increased capilary permeability
increased phagocytosis