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What are the major limiting factors to the success of your clients?
Genetic make up
Physical activity patterns
Nutrition habits
Describe what the phrase "energy balance" represents
The relationship between all sources of energy intake and energy output. Often evidenced by a stable body weight.
What are some of the major consequences of a chronic positive energy balance?
Weight gain
Change in metabolism
Change in hormone balance
Change in mood
High blood pressure
Plaques build up in arteries
High Cholesterol
What are some of the major consequences of a chronic negative energy balance?
Metabolic decline
Reduction in thyroid hormone
Low testosterone level
Low physical performance
Bone mass loss
Muscle loss
What is nutrient density?
Ratio of nutrients to calories
What foods have high nutrient density?
Bright veggies
Deep colored fruits
High fiber un-processed grains
lean meats
What foods have a low nutrient density?
Soda, Sugar, White flour, Ice cream, waffles
Why should you have an understanding what low nutrient density and high nutrient density means?
So you can easily control calorie intake
Have longer periods of satisfaction
Harder to over eat
Higher total essential intake
more nutrients per volume
What is calorie density?
Ratio of calories to actual weight of food
What foods have high calorie density? and what foods have low calorie density?

Low-fresh veggies, broth based soups fresh fruits and chicken breast
Finding a long-term set of dietary habbits should be based on the intersection of what three goals?
performance, health and body composition
Does focusing exclusively on body composition when making nutrition choices lead to improved health? Give an example why or why not
No, If you focus on strictly loosing weight, you could not be getting the proper nutrients and effecting your seratonin levels which effects your mood.
What is the purpose of an ergogenic aid?
To provide short term results.
Why would your client be interested in ergogenic aids?
To get results fast.
What is medical nutrition therapy? Why should you be concerned with it?
Prescribing a diet to cure or prevent a disease. We are not licensed to prescribe medical nutrition.
What is metabolism?
The sum of reactions that take place to build up and break down the body
What is the highest level of organization of the body?
a organism.
In order, provide the level of organization that relate to the body
organism>organ system>organs>tissue>cell>organelle>molecule>atom
Give an example of each level of organization: organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell, organelle, molecule, atom
Organ system- Urinary system
organ- liver
tissue-Connective tissue
cell-blood cell
molecule-chromosones with DNA
Atom-as low as it gets.
What are the 11 organ systems?
digestive, reproductive, nervous, respiratory, immune, circulatory, endocrine, urinary, skelitor, integumentary,muscular
What does the digestive system do?
Break down and absorb food
What does the reproductive system do?
For smashing bitches
What does the nervous system do?
electro-chemical cellular communication signals
What does the respiratory system do?
Getting rid of Co2 and bringing in O2
What does the immune system do?
This system is responsible for defending the body against pathogens, tumor cells and other foreign invaders
what does the circulatory system do?
transporting hormones, enzymes nutritions and other chemicals throughout the body
what does the endocrine system do?
produce hormones. this system is responsible for chemical celluar communication within the body. not to be confused with electro-chemical communication
what does the urinary system do?
responsible for storing, producing, and eliminating urine
what does the skeletal system do?
supporting the body
what does the integumentary system do?
Provides protection to the body from external damage. skin hair nails ect
What does the muscular system do?
provide movement
What are the 4 major tissue types in the human body?
What is epithelial tissue?
tissue composed of cellular layers that will act to protect surfaces of the human body
what is connective tissue?
tissue with multiple cells and fibers that helps to protect and support
What is muscle tissue?
contractile tissue consisting of cells that contract when stimulated
What is nervous tissue?
tissue capable of conducting impulses that help to connect and communicate signals to other parts of the body
what are enzymes?
cells in the human body produce these to help catalyze chemical reactions
How does nutrition play a role in how our enzymes function?
Enzymes depend on proper nutrition to function and catalyze chemical reactions
Why do people respond differently to the digestion and absorption of certain foods?
People have genetic differences. inside each cell is the nucleus which houses our genetic code (dna) everyones DNA is different
List seven different organelles
plasma membrane, cytoplasm, mitochondrion, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, lysosome, peroxisome
What is the plasma membrane?
A lipid bilayer that is permeable to certain compounds that contains the cell (acts like the protective wall to keep the bullshit out)
What is the cytoplasm?
The gel that holds the organelles together. (organelle)
What is the mitochondrion?
Provides energy for the cell and produces ATP (organelle)
What is the nucleus?
It is the largest organelle that is located in the central portion of the cell housing the DNA typically wrapped up in chromosomes. What we eat can influence our DNA (organalle)
What is ER and Golgi apparatus?
When the nucleus sends out a message to make protiens the ER and Golgi takes the message and makes it. The two types are smooth and rough
What are lysosomes and peroxisomes?
Help the process of cellular renewal and cellular protection and detoxify harmful chemicals that enter the cell
Why are transport proteins important?
Its how compounds are transported across the membrane
What are the two models used to show how enzymes work
lock and key model and induced fit model