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President of the United States
The Honorable Barack Obama
Vice President of the United States
The Honorable Joe Biden
Secretary of State
The Honorable Hillary Clinton
Secretary of Defense
The Honorable Leon Panetta
Secretary of the Navy
The Honorable Ray Mabus
Vice Secretary of the Navy
The Honorable Juan Garcia
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
General Martin E. Dempsey
Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Admiral James A. Winnefeld Jr.
Chief of Naval Operations
Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert
Vice Chief of Naval Operations
Admiral Mark E. Ferguson III
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
MCPON Michael Stevens
Pacific Command Commander
Admiral Samuel J. Locklear
Pacific Fleet Commander
Admiral Cecil D. Haney
Pacific Fleet Deputy Commander / Chief of Staff
Admiral Patrick Driscoll
Pacific Fleet Fleet Master Chief
FMC John Minyard
7th Fleet Commander
Vice Adm. Scott H. Swift
7th Fleet Deputy Commander
Rear Admiral John F. Weigold IV
7th Fleet Chief of Staff
Capt. Paul A Stader
7th Fleet Command Master Chief
CMC Tyler Schoeppey
CFAF Commander
Admiral Matthew J. Carter
CFAF Chief of Staff
Captain Gary L. Deal
CMC David Unnone
Commander Richard W. Donaldson
LT. Michael Torres
CMC Chuck Cowan
NAF Atsugi CO
Captain Steven J. Wieman
NAF Atsugi XO
Commander Douglas W. Huggan
NAF Atsugi CMC
CMC Carlton L. Duncan
Birthday of the Navy
13 October 1775
Birthday of Naval Aviation
08 May 1911
First American Submarine
the Turtle
First Naval Jet Powered Aircraft
FJ-1 Fury
US Ambassador to Libya and three americans killed in rocket attack
Al-Quaida linked bombing of ministers motorcade
Protestors take flag down from embassy
Chief Quispe
Chief Manzon
Chief Bourget
Chief Aquino
AIMD Atsugi Mission
To provide Intermediate Level aircraft maintenance and support services to naval forces deployed in the western Pacific.
Where is CMEO box
In the break room
5 Categories of buffers for TOC
1) Constraint buffer
2) Shipping buffer
3) Assembly buffer
4) Space buffer
5) Physical Inventory buffer
September 10th 1813
Battle of Lake Erie, Hazard Perry defeats British and says "we have met the enemy and they are ours"
September 11th 2002
Original Navy Jack "Dont Tread On Me" flown by Navy ships for 9/11 anniversary
September 12th 2002
Task force sails to aid Galveston area after hurricane Carla hits Texas
September 13th 1985
Commander Middle East Force orders escort of Military Sealift Ships in Persian Gulf because of Iranian seizure of merchant vessels.
September 14th 1899
Gunboat Concord and monitor Monterey capture two insurgent schooners at Aparri, Phillipine Islands
September 15th 1950
U.S. forces under VADM Arthur Struble achieve an amphibious landing at Inchon, Korea
September 16th 1922
Commander Halsey Powell in USS Edsall became the senior officer directing the evacuation of 250,000 Greek refugees from Turkey after war between Greece and Turkey