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What is a Breton lai?
a short narrative poem in verse that gives mythological history of the Britons. Usually features knights and kings.
Marie de France composed "Lanval" in this century
Marie de France was probably writing in the court of
Henry II
This was probably Marie de France's patron
William Marshal
Lanval is lonely and depressed at the beginning of the tale because:
Arthur is not giving him the benefits that a patron should give, and the other knights dislike him
Lanval encounters whom when he first goes riding?
Two of the fairy queen's maidens
The fairy queen makes Lanval promise what?
To keep her a secret
Guenivere tells Arthur that Lanval is guilty of these two things
1. Taking advantage of her
2. Disrespecting her
Arthur is most angry at Lanval for doing this to his queen
Disrespecting her by saying there is a woman more beautiful than her. This was an insult to Arthur's power.
This character stands surety for Lanval when he is on trial
Primogeniture is:
The movement of wealth and land from the father to the eldest son to keep things within the family
Patronage is:
Social system where patrons supported lesser clients by providing them with financial support, goods, or influence. It was an alternative to patrimony.
This social institution preserves and protects primogeniture
The Queen tells Lanval this
That he likes little boys
Lanval would be released from trial if:
He produced proof of the woman who was more beautiful than the Queen
How many maidens came before the fairy queen came for Lanval?
The Fairy Queen had this on her wrist when she came to get Lanval
A sparrow hawk
This animal followed the Fairy Queen when she rode her horse in to retrieve Lanval
A greyhound
Did Lanval get on the horse behind or in front of his fairy queen?
Behind her
The Fairy Queen and Lanval rode off to this destination at the end of the lai