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"My head is bloody, but unbowed," means

although I have suffered much, I have prevailed The fact that his head is "unbowed" means he has not given in to the trials of life

The author refers to his soul as


Although all the answers may apply, "unconquerable" is the word he chooses to describe his soul.

How do the neighbors go about repairing the fence?

They worked together picking up the stones on each side of the fence.

Each neighbor got on a side of the fence, and they repaired it together by replacing the fallen stones.

What is it that doesn't love a wall?

the coldness of winter

The coldness of winter must not like the wall because it always makes some of the rocks and stones fall.

When he played basketball, Flick's hands were compared to

wild birds

His hands had been compared to wild birds when he played basketball

Which pump resembles a football player?

the squat one without a head

The author says in line 12 that this is the one that resembles a football player.

What bothered the boy about the snowman?

he almost seemed real

Although he is melting, that is not the boy's main concern

After seeing what must have been a mirage of boats earlier, when Lindbergh saw the boats with the fishermen on them and knew land was near, he felt

security He began to feel that he had reached his goal.

When a pilot "banks" his plane, what is he doing?

leaning to one side If a pilot "banks" a plane, he is tilting it to one side.

The author decides to take the journey through the exhibit of the human heart.

false She does not visit the exhibit at this time

Why did the attendant call on the teacher to help with the demonstration?

He wanted her to set an example for the students. The attendant thought that having her hold the snake would help the children see there was nothing to be afraid of.

The italicized words in this story represent

the girl's actual words What she actually says is in italics.

Why did she decide to dance with the boy?

She felt she had no choice. She thinks, "There was nothing for me to do but say I'd adore to."

Why did the author cleverly give the title character the name of "Addie Spinner"?

She weaved tales of gossip and added to each one. She certainly told tales, and she seemed to add to them every time she told them.

What did the maid purchase at the store each day?

a chicken Every day without fail she would purchase a chicken


strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way:"an uncanny feeling that she was being watched"synonymes: eerie · unnatural · unearthly · preternatural · supernatural ·otherworldly · ghostly · mysterious · strange · unsettling · abnormal · weird · bizarre· surreal · eldritch · creepy · spooky · freakish · freaky · striking · remarkable ·extraordinary · exceptional · incredible · noteworthy · notable · arresting


having low moral standards : not honest, proper, or good


(of a person) affected, overrefined, and ineffectual:"effete trendies from art college"synonymes: affected · pretentious · precious · mannered ·overrefined · ineffectual · la-di-dano longer capable of effective action:"the authority of an effete aristocracy began to dwindle"synonymes: weak · enfeebled · enervated · worn out ·exhausted · finished · drained · spent · powerless · ineffectual


not in a straight or level position:"the door was hanging askew on one twisted hinge" ·"her hat was slightly askew"synonymes: crooked · lopsided · tilted · angled · at an angle · skew · [plus]wrong; awry:


Dories are flat-bottomed rowboats with no sails.

The dory is a small, shallow-draft boat


No one wants a friend who is quick to find fault.

(of a person) tending to find fault or raise petty objections.