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The fact that children with higher IQ scores tend to come from homes that contained age-related play materials best supports the theory that
environmental factors impact intelligence.
The first memory strategy acquired by most children is
Binet and Simon originally developed the concept of “mental age” as a criterion for helping them distinguish
children who would be able to learn in school from those who needed special instruction.
The drug Ritalin that is often prescribed for children with ADHD is a type of
Dee used to think that everyone else liked the same people she did and hated the same people she did. She now realizes that different people have different opinions toward others. Piaget would suggest that Dee has recently become a ____ thinker.
concrete operational
What advice would you give to a teacher trying to encourage creativity in his or her students?
“Encourage them to explore possibilities and not worry about getting the correct
Which statement concerning math and culture is true?
Japanese and Taiwanese students spend significantly more time in school and have more homework than do children in the United States
Which best exemplifies an impulsive child?
Shouting out an answer when he is supposed to raise his hand before answering
You are the parent of a normal-size nine-year-old boy. As such, how many calories should you ensure that your child consumes each day so that he maintains a normal rate of development?
2,400 calories
Who is best associated with a theory of “multiple intelligences?”
Howard Gardner