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Liam is learning the values, behaviors, and roles of his culture. In other words, Liam is experiencing
Because they have a permissive parenting style, you would predict that Alan and Sue’s son would
have limited self-control.
A child who is able to respond resourcefully in a new situation is said to have high levels of
ego resilience.
What basic premise underlies Chinese parenting?
Keep your emotions in check.
Which parenting style might best be described as “low warmth and high control?”
When Ki-Jana asks his parents if he can buy a car, his parents say no but sit down and explain to him the reasoning behind their decision. His parents express affection toward him and tell him that they may consider the matter at some later time. Which parenting style best describes Ki-Jana’s parents?
Girls are more likely to be concerned about the faithfulness of their friends because their friendships are more likely based on
Which best exemplifies a “blended family?”
A family in which a divorced mom with a son marries a widowed dad with two daughters
If he is a typical child, when five-year-old Tonka hears a commercial that says, “This is the best toy in the whole world!” he
believes the commercial is telling the truth.
As a typical parent in Latin America, Maria would place great emphasis on developing a strong sense of _____ in her children.
family ties