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What is the purpose of the Liturgical Year
To celebrate and understand more fully the entire mystery of Jesus Christ, from His birth to His ascension.
How many seasons are there in the Liturgical Year?
There are six seasons
When does the Liturgical Year begin?
The first Sunday of Advent.
When does the Liturgical Year end?
The end of November with the feast of Christ the King.
What is the color for Easter and Christmas?
What is the color for Ordinary Time?
Name, in order, all the seasons in the Liturgical Year.
Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Triduum, and Easter.
What is the symbol for Advent?
A wreath with 4 candles, 3 purple and 1 rose color.
What are the symbols for Triduum?
a.- Bread and Wine
b.- Candle with blue figure in the middle.
c.- a Red Cross
How long is the Lent Season?
40 days.