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Left MCA superior division infarct
Right face and arm weakness of UMN
Nonfluent or Broca's aphasia
Right face and arm cortical type sensory loss
Left MCA inferior divisions infarct
Fluent, Wernicke's aphasia
Right visual field deficit
Right arm and face cortical sensory loss
Motor findings are usually absent
Patient may be initially confused or crazy but otherwise intact
Mild right side weakness may be present especially at onset of symptoms
Left MCA deep territory
Right pure motor hemiparesis of UMN type
Larger infarct may produce cortical deficits such as aphasia
Left MCA stem
right hemiplegia
right hemianesthia
right homonymous hemianopia
global aphasia
Left gaze preference
Right MCA superior divisons infarct
Left face and arm weakness of UMN
left hemineglect
may be some sort of face and arm cortical type sensory loss
Right MCA inferior division infarct
Profound left hemineglect
left visual field deficit
somatosensory deficit however may be difficult to test because of neglect
Motor neglect with decreased voluntary/spontaneous initiation of movements on left side
If patient with left motor neglect have normal strength on L side as evidence of spontaneous movments or purposeful withdrawl from pain
Mild left side weakness
Right gaze preference at onset
Right MCA deep territory infarct
Left pure motor hemiparesis
Left hemiplegia
Left hemianesthesia
left homonymous hemianopia
LEFT neglect
Right gaze preference
Left ACA infarct
Right leg weakness of UMN type
right cortical type sensory loss
Grasp reflex and frontal lobe behavioral abnormalities
Transcortical aphasia
Right hemiplegia
Right ACA infarct
Left leg weakness of UMN
Left leg cortical type sensory loss
Grasp reflex and frontal lobe behavioral abnormalities
Left hemineglect
Left hemiplegia
Left PCA infarct
Right homonymous hemianopia
Extension to the splenium of corpus callosum can cause alexia without agraphia
Larger infarcts include thalamus and internal capsule may result in aphasia, right hemisensory loss and right hemiplegia
Right PCA infarct
Left homonymous hemianopia
Larger infarcts including thalamus and internal capsule cause left hemisensory loss and left hemiparesis
Lesion of arcuate fasciculus
Conduction aphasia
what portions of frontal lobe are part of limbic system?
orbital gyrus
cingulate gyrus