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Which of the following is an advantage of completing laboratory tests in the physicians office laboratory?

Turn around time faster for finding out results

Which of the following routine tests are most often performed at the physicians office laboratory(POL)


Which laboratory test uses samples of whole blood to identify problems with the count,size,or shape of blood cells that could indicate disease?

Hematologic test

Which laboratory tests examine blood,urine,sputum ,reproductive fluids, and fluids from wounds to identify the presence of pathogenic organisms?

Microbiologic test

Sterilization,or eradication of all organisms on the surface of instruments and equipment before they can be used on patients or in procedure is performed by an


A device for spinning a specimen at high speed until it separates into its component parts is a


Which of the following uses light, concentrated through a condenser and focused through the object being examined,to project an image?

Optical microscope

What is the name for the eyepiece of the optical microscope through which an image is viewed?


Which part of an optical microscope contains a magnifying lens


The optical microscope used in physicians' office laboratories usually have( ) objectives.


Which of the following is designed to be lowered into a drop of immersion oil placed directly above the prepared specimen under examination?

Oil- immersion objective

Which of the following is a characteristic of an oil-immersion objective?

It is used for specimens that need very high magnification

Where are the focus controls on a microscope located?


Which part of an optical microscope is the platform on which the specimen slide rests?


The part of the optical microscope that concentrates the light being directed through the sample is the


The iris of the optical microscope is

A diaphragm that opens and closes to change the amount of light illuminating the specimen

Which of the following support and position the specimen and prevent contamination of the microscope by the specimen?

Cover slip & slide

Which of the following measures light intensity and is basic electronic component of many pieces of analytic laboratory equipment?


Patients with diabetes and clinical personnel use which of the following to monitor blood glucose levels?


Which of the following is used to measure small amounts of liquids and can be either mechanical or manual?


A slide calibrated to the exact measurements needed to count blood cells or sperm under a microscope is a


Which of the following is used to measure the large amounts of liquids necessary for reagents?

Volumetric beaker

Which of the following is included in the guidelines for standard precautions?

Wear eye protection&face masks when there is a risk that droplets or spray may come in contact with the eyes

When testing specimens that may be contaminated with blood-borne or other pathogens,which of the following would apply?

avoid working when you have cuts, lesions or sores on your hands

Which of the following is an appropriate solution for cleaning a surface contaminated with blood,blood products,or body fluids?

10% bleach

A quality assurance program

Is designed to monitor the quality of patient care a med.lab

Which of the following was created in response to public concern over the accuracy of laboratory testing?

Clinical lab improvement amendment of 1988

The clinical laboratory improvement amendment of 1988 had an impact of physicians office laboratories in which way?

They caused many DR's to close their laboratories

Certificate of Waiver tests are classified as such if they...

Pose an insignificant risk to a patient if they are performed on interpreted incorrectly

Laboratories that perform moderate-complexity tests...

Must be ran by a pathologist

Which of the following types of tests may be performed in a physicians office laboratory if the POL has been granted a Certificate of Waiver?

Erythocyte sedimentation rate&urinalysis

Moderate-complexity tests include...

Chemistry,immunology bacteriology,& virology

Which of the following are Considered high-complexity tests?

Test in clinical cytogenies,histopathology,histocompatibility,& cytology

The focus of quality control program is to....

Ensure accuracy in test results through careful monitoring

Which of the following is a characteristic of control samples that are run in the POL?

They serve as a check on the accuracy of the test

Which of the following are chemicals or chemically treated substances used in test procedures?


A foreign object that is visible through a microscope, but is unrelated to the specimen and may be misinterpreted when the specimen is examined, is an...


The chemically coated strip used in blood glucose monitoring is an example of a?


Which of the following communications should be used when preparing a patient for a laboratory test?

Let the patient be your guide in determining how much info

The abbreviation for milligram is


What does QNS on a lab report mean?

The specimen that was sent to perform the test was not large enough

Mr.pierce arrived for his scheduled blood test at 10:00 this morning.when you asked him if he followed instructions and fasted since midnight,he proudly states that he hasn't had anything except my morning coffee.what should you do?

Inform the doctor to determine whether the blood can still be collected

Sammy is a 6-year-old patient who needs to have blood drawn for testing.he is obviously anxious about the procedure,and his mother appears to be just as upset as Sammy is .which of the following approaches should you take to reassure Sammy and his mother?

Explain the procedure to patient & his mother using simple language they can understand

Mrs.casanello had a breast biopsy last Friday..she calls Wednesday morning,and you know that the results were good;there is no malignancy.what should you tell Mrs.Casanello?

Tell the patient that you will check with the Dr.&someone will call her as soon as the results have been interpreted

Which of the following is the function of the focus controls?

They bring the objects being examined into clear view