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What is the method to assess mental status during the course of a routine patient encounter?
attentive to mental status during interview
What are the four components of a mental status exam?
1) appearance and behavior
2) speech and language
3) mood
4) thoughts and perceptions
5)cognitive functino
What do you assess and document when evaluating a patients appearance and behavior? (5)
1) level of consciousness
2) posture and motor behavior
3) dress, grooming and personal hygiene
4) facial expressions
5) manner, affect and relationship to persons and things
What aspects of speech and language and language should you notice/record? (5)
1) quality
2) rate
3) loudness
4) articulation
5) fluency
How do you ask about a persons mood?
1) how has your mood been lately
What is included in the evaluation of thoughts and percetions?
1) thought process
2) thought content
3) perceptinos
4) insight/judgement
What is thought process?
logica, relevance, organization and coherence of thoughts
What is thought content
information relevant to thought
What are perceptions?
awareness and understanding
What is insight and judgement
understanding of relationships and ability to make decisions or actions
What are the four areas you evaluate for assessing cognitive function?
1) oirentation
2) attention
3) memory
4) new learning ability
How do you assess orientation?
1) what is your name
2) what is the date
3) where are you
How do you assess attention?
1) repeat 5 digits forward and back
2) start at 100 and subtract by 7
3) spell a word backwards
How do you test memory?
birthdays, anniversaries, recent events
How do you test new learning ability?
three item recall
how do you test higher order cognitive function?
1)general info
2) proverbs
3) similarities
What is the mini cog?
1) three item recall and clock draw