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When performing a pedicure, you should grasp the foot between your thumb and fingers at the:
mid-tarsal area
What are the basic steps to properly disinfect a foot spa after each pedicure service?
drain and remove water and contaminants, clean surface, disinfect with approved disinfectant, rinse, and dry
The weekly maintenance procedure for a pipe-less foot spa requires the disinfectant solution to remain in the foot spa:
Which massage technique is used most with a pedicure?
Which of the following should never be placed in the foot bath with the client's feet?
The chair a cosmetologist uses when performing a pedicure must be:
Electric foot mitts provide:
a great deal of client relaxation
Exfoliating scrubs help:
reduce calluses
In order to be on time, you must be polishing ____ after beginning a one hour pedicure.
45-50 minutes
Reflexology practitioners believe that pressing certain reflex points on the feet:
transmit positive energy
A Paraffin bath:
stimulates circulation
Repeated exposure to pedicure water can cause:
cracking on the hands
If a clients books a standard pedicure and you discover that the feet are in unusually bad condition and will require more time than was scheduled, it is recommended that you:
tell the client you will do your best but that an additional appointment will be necessary
Scaly feet commonly require ____ treatment in the salon.
massage given during manicures and pedicures focuses on:
Which implement is commonly known as a paddle?
foot file
Which of these is a metal implement with a grooved edge used for filing and smoothing the edges of the nail plate?
nail rasp
A ____ is a small scoop-shaped implement used for more efficient removal of debris from the nail folds, eponychium, and hyponychium areas.
The best type of ____ have jaws that are straight and come to a point.
toenail clippers
Which implement is used to trim tags of dead skin?
How long are masks typically left on the clients skin
5 to 10 minutes
If a client drifts off during a pedicure it is reommended that you:
leave her alone and let her enjoy the service
Clients should be warned not to shave their legs __ before a pedicure.
48 hours
Some improvements in the feet required more than one appointment in services referred to as a:
Who bears the responsibility for ensuring that proper disinfection of the pedicure bath occurs?
both the salon and the technician