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A “Fishbone” process analysis diagram is also known as:

A cause-and-effect diagram **

n a vertical cross-functional business process diagram, the order of items in one column(from top to bottom) shows what relationship among these items?

Time **

All of the symbols representing tasks and decisions that are shown in single column of avertical cross-functional diagram are related to the same what?

Actor **

What term describes the method of doing business by which a company sustains itself?

Business Model **

Which of the following does a Fishbone Diagram typically not inform you about a problem?

The cost of correcting a problem with a process **

The command shown in class, to ‘touch’ another computer over the internet using its addressand the command line, was what?


A graphical description of a database that describes the way in which an organization’s dataand business activities are associated with one another is known as _______________:

An Entity Relationship Diagram **

In a relational database, what term refers to the collection of items that are all related to asingle unique value, where the single value often serves as the primary key?

A record **

What type of data mining analysis identifies patterns in the data based on geographic(physical) or temporal (time) proximity?

Clustering **

Subjective knowledge that is based an individual’s experiences is known as what?

Tacit knowledge **

How does telemedicine improve the delivery of medical care in rural communities?

Telemedicine reduces the need for patients to travel to physician’s offices **

What type of data structure allows us to organize multi-dimensional information from a datawarehouse so that it can be viewed using different data abstractions (or projections)?

Data cube **

What technique has been used by companies such as Starbucks and Netflix used to engagelarge numbers of non-employees to innovate, manage, design and market new products?

Crowdsourcing **

The terms “contextual,” “relevant,” and “actionable” are commonly related to what term?

Knowledge **

Maintaining multiple copies of the same data in multiple information systems that can beindependently updated commonly results in what information management problem?

Data inconsistency **

The characteristics of big data (data science) are described as being related to volume (of theinformation), velocity (speed at which information is collected), and what other characteristic?

Variety (integrating data from multiples sources) **

With respect to a database, what term is used to describe an abstract representation of all ofthe information included in a data structure about a particular type of entity?

Entity Class **

The task of brainstorming in a group decision support system is similar to what step in theknowledge management cycle?

Create **

What collaboration tool was discussed in class that enhances the participants’ contextualawareness by sharing non-verbal information during meetings?

Telepresence **

The sequence of activities performed by users of GroupSystems’ ThinkTank product directlyparallel the steps in what other business process?

Knowledge management cycle **

Concerns over discrimination, data contamination, and intellectual property (ownership ofinformation) were legal and ethical issues discussed in relation to what topic?

Data mining

Which of the following knowledge management concepts includes an organizational culturefocused on problem solving, a desire to share knowledge because of mutual interest, andnorms that build trust, such as might be found in an MIS 111 FlexLab?

Community of practice

In the case study discussed in Database Management class, how did marketing useinformation to improve the profitability of their sales?

Customers were classified according into a status level and market segment **

Businesses like to use Virtual Private Networks for every reason except?

Virtual networks are faster than ordinary internet connections**

An entrepreneur developing detailed documentation of their business processes so that theycan be offered to other individuals as a franchise operation is an example of:

Converting tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge **

The success of a Group Decision Support System (GDSS) is based upon two key features:contributor anonymity (i.e., the identity of the person making the comment or suggestion isnot known), and what other important feature?

Parallel Discussions**

What is the term used to describe the process of reducing the number of dimensions of amulti-dimensional data cube (e.g., from three dimensions, perhaps season, location, andproduct, into two dimensions, such as season and location)?


When analyzing a set of click-stream data, what term is used describe the percentage ofrows containing an item relative to the total number of rows?


Which of the following statements is true about a strategic business decision?

They are generally made by senior business managers **

In the video case for telemedicine, Dr. Ana Lopez, who is the Medical Director of the ArizonaTelemedicine Program, described how advances pioneered at the University of Arizona intele-medicine and tele-pathology have improved the standard of health care in what way?

Offering bundled, same-day assessment in the diagnosis of breast cancer **

What is the process of solving problems and producing things by connecting people that youotherwise would not know using the internet?


COPLINK, developed at the University of Arizona in the MIS Department’s ArtificialIntelligence Lab, allows law enforcement officers to integrate database information to identifycrime suspects based on limited information (e.g., a license plate number or nick name).Upon what information system technology is this system’s design based?

knowledge mgmt

Often presented visually on an executive dashboard, what type of report focuses attention onbusiness processes whose performance falls outside the range of their defined KPI metrics?


n the decision support process, formulating a module to be evaluated and setting criteria formaking a choice would occur during what phase of the decision making process?

design phase

Business metrics that describe the performance of critical business activities are known as:

key performance indicator

A business intelligence tool that uses abstractions such as color and graphical images likeinstrument gauges to allow executives to grasp business situations quickly is known as a:

Digital dashboard **

n addition to possessing contextual and relevant information, what other characteristicaspect does knowledge possess?

it is actionable

In the root cause video case, the marble of national monument was wearing prematurely.What was the change identified by the in-depth root cause analysis of the problem?

Changing the time the lights illuminating the monument were turned on **

What common approach resulted in the development of the marine chronometer, the OxfordEnglish dictionary, and most recently Wikipeodia?


What technology was developed to address problems such as a lack of focus, fear ofspeaking, hidden agendas and misunderstandings then collaborating with others?

Group Decision Support Systems **B. Data Mining

What type of problem has an optimal solution can be reached through single set of stepsbased on an algorithm?


When analyzing data using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Multidimensional Analysis,the value of an item created by a projection would be the same as what Excel function?


if your laptop runs an application that needs to securely talk to a server, but isn’t executedwithin a browser, such as Firefox or Safari, what other technique is commonly used?


What term is used to describe how a product or service offered by a business fulfills theneeds of its customers?

value proposition

in a database entity relationship diagram, specifying the minimum and maximum possiblevalues that may exist for a relationship between two entities can best be described usingwhat database term?


Create – Identify a New Process


Capture – Identify Value


Refine – Create an actionable context


Manage/Store – Formatting and Currency