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What are the board member's salaries paid from?
State Treasury
How many inspectors is the state allowed to have at one time?
not to exceed 7
What year was the state board established?
How many days does the govenor have to reinstate a member of the board in the case of death?
30 days
How many members does the board consist of?
5 members
There are several stipulations to be on the board, what are they?
Member of state for 5+ years, 30+ yrs. old, HS diploma/GED, license in cosmetology for 10+ yrs., not connected to any school, no two members can graduate from the same school.
Where is state board located?
Jackson, MS
List the authorities of the board.
May revoke/refuse license, make rules and regulations, sets curriculum for schools, recieve and consider recommendations.
As of July 1, 2001 the use of what product has become illegal?
MMA (methyl methacrylate)
What does biannually mean?
Onceevery 2 years.
What does a person have to do to recieve a master cosmetologist license?
Licensed cosmetology for a year, continued educations of atleast 16 hours and has paid license fee.
How many temporary permits are issued?
Where should certificates or licenses be posted?
conspicuous place in her principal office
No person can condust a salon or school unless they have what?
recieved a license or a temporary permit.
What mus you do to be admitted for exams by the board?
Be 17 w/ a HS diploma/GED, has completed 600 hrs., pay fee
What is the current grace period for the renewal of your license?
60 Days.
Doing services out of your home is okay when?
No charge is made.
What is the fine for a license that has been delinquent 60 days to 1 year?
$25 plus license fee
What's the charge for a duplicate license or a lost renewal form?
What's the cost to renew your license biannually?
What happens when a license has expired for more then 3 years?
License is voided, retest & pay fee, record of last renewal including regulation # and date of exp.
1st violation fines to a licensee of not less then $50 nor more than:
If you needed to file a complaint with the board, how should it be presented?
In writing, signed by the accuser and verified under oath
When more than 20 students are enrolled in a school what must happen?
Additional full-time instructor must be added
When is it okay to work outside a salon
Services to the deceased, any person confined to his/her home, hospital, or other place as a result of illness.
Each salon should have an adequate supply of?
water under pressure from and approved source, hot and cold, drinking water, and restrooms
If you have a home salon, when should the door be left open?
If you have contagious or infectious disease you can't?
Practice in any establishment
Every establishment has to be kept in a certain manner, list how:
Sanitary inclusing all utensils and equipment; must be well ventilated and properly lighted
When is it okay for a senior student to be left in charge?
Only one day in a week, has to be approved by owner of school.
When can an instructor do services on a client?
In a teaching situation
Floors in any area where services are to be preformed must be covered by?
non-porous material, readily cleanable.
Who is responsible for implementation and maintenance of the sanitary conditions of an establishment?
The holder or holders/owners
Fixtures in a spa must be free from:
scale, rust, hair, or product build-up
Student's monthly hours must be sent to the board of cosmetology by when?
on or before the 10th
Waste and refuse must be removed from the premises to prevent?
nuisance and unsightliness
When should hair and nail clipping be removed from the floor/surfaces?
After each service
Who is held individually responsible for the implementation and maintenance of sanitaion for his/her own station?
Any student, practitioner or instructor over that station
What type of pet is allowed in an establishment?
Seeing eye dog
Where should toilets in a home salon be location?
Within the salon premises
Each establishment must have an adequate supply of potable water:
under pressure, free flowing, from approved source
After using a towel where should it be placed?
in a closed receptical
How should water be offered to a client in your facility?
either in individual cups or an approved type slant spray drinking fountain
What must be __ degrees F for no less than __ minutes to clean laundry.
160 degrees F, 5 mins.
When must a practitioner wash their hands
Before starting work and before each client and after using the restroom
How many toilets are required for students and patrons in a school?
2; in salon 1
The hearrest on a chair must be covered with what for each patron?
towel or paper sheet
Where should linenes be placed after use?
closed recepticle
After and instrument is used on a patron it must be ___.
How many gallons of acetone can be stored in a school or salon at one time?
How should implements be removed from disinfectant?
With clean spatula or tongs
All clean towels and linens must be placed in?
Closed sanitized cabinet
Disinfectant must be:
EPA registered, hospital grade, bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal disinfectant
How big should containers be to be used as a disinfectant container?
Large enough for total immersion of the open impliments
Why is a sanitary neck strip used?
To keep cape from coming in direct contact with the clients skin.
All bottles must be correctly labeled as to:
Their contents
The pedi-spa whirlpool system must be flushed with low sudsing soap and warm water for atleast:
10 mins.
How should the pedi-spa tub be cleaned and how often?
Every other week. With a tblsp. of bleach for each gallon of water. The system is the flushed for 5-10 mins and allowed to sit 6-10 hrs.
How should creams and other semi-solid products be removed from their containers?
w/ a clean spatula
If an implement comes in contact with blood how should it be disinfected?
EPA registered, hospital grade, tuberculocidal that is mixed and used according to manufacturer's direction
What are working parts of instruments sanitized with and for how long?
A solution of 70% alcohol for not less then 5 minutes
What are now considered to not be a means of sanitation?
Glass beads and UV cabinets
Where should all of your clean combs, brushes, and other items be kept?
A clean, sanitized, closed receptacle or dry cabinet
How many times can wax be used from a stick before being discarded?
Creams lotions and powders should be kept in clean_____.
closed containers
What should nail implements be placed into while manicure or pedicure is in process?
70% alcohol
What should always be sharpened in between each use?
eyebrow and lip pencils
What do you do to show that you have been keeping your pedi-spa tub clean?
keep record to keep track of the cleansing process and posted within sight of the patron
May a licensed cosmetologist work as an esthetician or nail tech?