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uhhhm, uhuh, um er, uh aha, etc.
placeholders = don't count
don't can't won't let's shouldn't we're, etc.
Contracted words=2 morphemes
birthday, sailboats, pocketbooks, duckpond, baseball
true compounds = 1
inside, upside, outside,
not true compounds = 1
quack-quack, choo-choo, see-saw, tick-tock
hyphenated words &
ritualized reduplications = 1
Mrs. Smith, Mickey Mouse, Easter Bunny, Uncle Harry, Red Riding Hood
Proper names = 1 morpheme
lemme (let me) gimmie (give me) hafta ( have to ) sorta (sort of) wanna (want to)
Catenatives = 1 morpheme
yeah, yes, no, nah, not, well, ok, right, yea, he, hey!
= 1 morpheme
anybody, somebody, everybody, everyone, anyone, someone,
indefinite pronouns = 1
a, the, an
articles = 1
plural 's, posessive 's 3rd pers sing -s, regular past -ed, present progressive -ing
Inflections = 1 morpheme
bookie, mommy, daddy, kiddie, kitty
diminutives = 1
fell, ate, ran, felt,
past irregular = 1
child doesn't relate to present
deer, fish, feet sheep,
internal plurals = 1
pants, slacks, upstairs, slacks, tights, clothes
words which never appear singular = 1
"thinking" is fun
I have a "talking" doll
Jerome got a "spanking"
broken, swallen swolen,
crooked, tired,
gerunds, participials =1
Ok? Right? Smaller?
tag questions = 1
bigger, taller, smaller, shorter, prettiest, cheapest
comparative and superlative morphemes counted separately
= 2