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masseter origin
maxilla & zygomatic arch
masseter insertion
angle and ramus of mandible
masseter action
elevates mandible, as in closing mouth, and retracts (craws back) mandible
temporalis origin
temporal bone
temporalis insertion
coronoid process and ramus of mandible
temporalis action
elevates and retracts mandible
medial pterygoyd origin
medial surface of lateral portion of pterygoid process of spenoid bone; maxilla
medial pterygoyd action
elevates and protracts (protrudes)mandible and moves mandible from side to side
lateral pterygoid origin
greater wing and lateral surface of lateral portion of pterygoid process of sphenoid bone
lateral pterygoid insertion
condyle of mandible; temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
lateral pterygoid action
protracts mandible, depresses mandible as in opening mouth, and moves mandible from side to side
medial pterygoyd insertion
angle and ramus of mandible
genioglossus origin
genioglossus insertion
undersurface of tongue and hyoid bone
genioglossus action
depresses tongue and thrusts it anteriorly (protraction)
styloglossus origin
styloid process of temporal bone
styloglossus insertion
side and undersurface of tongue
styloglossus action
elevates tongue and draws it posteriorly (retraction)
palatoglossus origin
anterior surface of soft palate
palatoglossus insertion
side of tongue
palatoglossus action
elevates posterior portion of tongue and raws soft palate down on tongue
hyoglossus origin
greater horn and body of hyoid bone
hyoglossus insertion
side of tongue
hyoglossus action
depresses tongue and draws down its sides