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Sam tells his father that he intends to run away to his great-grandfather's land.
Sam's dad laughs at him and doesn't take him seriously.
Sam's second handmade wooden fishhook works.
Sam catches five little trout.
Sam cannot get a fire started with the flint and steel.
Sam doesn't get to cook the trout he caught.
Sam makes a temporary hemlock bough bed for his first night in the stream valley.
The cold winds blowing through the valley keep Sam awake all night long.
Sam finds Bill, who cooks the ish he caught.
Bill helps Sam learn how to successfully start a fire.
Sam asks the librarian for help locating the Gribley land.
Miss Turner draws a map which leads Sam to his mountain.
Sam encounters a little old lady wo insists he help her pick strawberries.
Sam reluctantly picks berries as slowly as he possibly can.
Sam visits MissTurner and researches falcons.
Sam learns how to take care of a baby falcon and train it to catch food for him.
The mother falcon dives at Sam as he perches on a cliff.
Sam throws out his foot so that his tennis shoe takes the blow.
After removing Frightful from her nest, Sam scrambles down the cliff.
Frightful digs her talons into Sam's skin.
Sam sees a man in a forester's unifrm near his tree.
Sam builds a lean-to near the gorge and spends the rest of the day and all night there with Frightful.
Sam catches a weasel in one of his traps.
The Baron flies out at Sam, runs up to his head, and yanks on his hair.
Sam puts some hickory sticks and water into a tin can and boils them.
Sam ends up with a black salt that he uses to season his food.
Sam sees the first winter storm coming.
Sam grabs Frightful's straps and dives through his deerskin door into his tree.