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May simplifed acquisition procedures be used to acquire personal services?
yes, if agency has specific statutory authority.
Who is considered a contracting officer?
Any person obligating the government using simplified acquisition procedures.
BPA's are established by whom?
Shore contracting activities.
Are GSA schedules a required source of supply?
No, optional.
When placing orders under federal supply schedules (FSS) does competition need to be done?
All oral orders must be confirmed in writing whithin what number of days?
May the person responsible for originating or approving purchase requrest be appointed imprest fund cashier?
Imprest fund authorization, establishment, appointment, revision and revocation letters shall be retained for a period not less than how many years?
5 years after fund disestablished or appointee ceases to serve.
What does defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) provide?
Procurement policy by implementing and supplementing the FAR.
What is the dollar amount (threshold) for micro–purchases?
The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) provides procurement policy to whom?
All executive agency components.
What does DFARS stand for?
Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement.
Define not–procurment official.
Any contracting officer whose authority is limited to micro–purchases threshold ($2,500) and total annual purchases are limted to $20,000 in a 12 month period.
What is the Simplified Acquisition Threshold?
What is the Simplified Acquisition Threshold outside U.S. during contingency operations?
What is the exception to the Simplified Acquisition Threshold?
$50,000 threshold unless contracting office has FACNET certification.
Define "purchase order".
A written offer by ships contracting officer to buy supplies or services.
What is the SF 1165?
Receipt of cash – subvoucher.
Who gives ships the authorization to use the Government wide commercial purchase card(GCPC) and is what format?
TYCOM in writing.
TYCOM's may authorize a ship to have an imprest fund of any amount not exceeding what dollar amount during overseas deployment in support of a presidentially declared contingencies?
The maximum authorized amount of cash in an imprest fund normally will not exceed what dollar amount?
May the Disbursing Officer be appointed imprest fund cashier?
Imprest fund cash advances will be accounted for daily, however, cash advances may not remain outstanding for how many number of days?
seven days.
Imprest fund inspections are done how frequently?
At least quarterly.
Who appoints the imprest fund cashier in writing?
CO or Suppo if designated.
Imprest fund purchases should not exceed what dollar amount?
Outstanding imprest fund transactions should be cleared by what maximum number of days?
30 days.
What is the NAVSUP Form 1321?
Navy C.O.D. Order (4270)
What form is used as the Interim receipt of cash?
SF 1165
What is the find for committing fraud against the government?
$10,000 or 5 years imprisonment or both.
Can the imprest fund be used/not be used for the following list?
A.) Payment of saliers?
A.) No.
Can the imprest fund be used/not be used for the following list?
B.) Buying money orders for one time purchse of books, periodicals?
B.) Yes.
Can the imprest fund be used/not be used for the following list?
C.) Paying for postage stamps?
C.) Yes.
Can the imprest fund be used/not be used for the following list?
D.) Transportation passes?
D.) Yes.
Can the imprest fund be used/not be used for the following list?
E.) Cashing checks or money orders?
E.) No.
Can the imprest fund be used/not be used for the following list? F.) Payment for purchases from contractors or agents who are military personnel or civilian employees of the government?
F.) No
How often are internal reviews conducted for requisitioners, cardholders, and approving oficials to ensure that internal controls and local procedures are followed?
Chapter 1 of enclosure 3 of the NAVSUPINST 4200.85C covers what?
Shipboard procurment authority.
Chapter 7 of enclosure 3 of the NAVSUPINST 4200.85C covers what?
Imprest funds.
Chapter 8 of enclosure 3 of the NAVSUPINST 4200.85C covers what?
Purchse card.
How often are the combinations of imprest fund cashiers safes changed?
Every six (6) months.
What official is any cardholder whose single purchse limit does not exceed the micro–purchase threshold and whose total purchases may exceed $20,000 in any 12 month period/
Procurement Official.
Can the single purchase limit be delegated to each cardholder in $50 increments or it just set at $2,500?
yes, it can be delegated in $50 increments.
Who is the primary liaison between the ship and the bank conserning matters of the purchase card?
(APC) Agency Program Coordinator.
List 3 prohibited uses of the purchse card?
Cash advances/rental or lease of land or buildings/telecommunications services/rental or lease of vechicles/repairs to GSA vehicles/Travel expensives/hazmat material/services/rental or lease of 30 days.
What is the dollar amount threshold for a non–procurement officail in a 12 month period?
What office shall assist the ship and the bank in tracking and resolving disputed purchases?
Dispute office.
What code is assigned to the cardholder card by the bank, which categorizes each merchant according to the type of business the merchant is engaged in?
Merchant type code.
What is the name of the official invoice(report) sent to the designated billing office within 5 days after the end of the ships billing cycle? Includes all cardholder's accounts.
Financial summary report.
What term defines the spending limit imposed on a cardholder's cumulative purchase and transactions in a giving billing cycle?
Billing cycle purchases limit.
How are billing cycle purchase limit assigned to cardholders?
(AO) Approving official.
Who's responsible for reviewing his/her cardholders monthly statements and verifying the purchases were for official government purpose?
(AO) Approving official.
Who may determine who the approving officials and cardholders shall be?
(APC) Agency program coordinator.
Government wide commercial purchase card, what is the function of the (APC) Agency Program Coordinator?
Is the point of contact for GSA and bank and has overall responsibility for the program.
T/F – When issuing delivery/task orders against IDTC the contractor/ordering officer needs to seek competition, negotiate terms and conditions?
False, does not need to.
Who may appoint the supply officer as the ships contracting offcer with authority to relegate his/her procurement authority?
Can senior enlisted personnel and storekeepers be delegated procurment authority?
Of the following which does not need to be included in the contracting officer appointment letter? Name/ Limitations/ Duties/ Training/ Standars of conduct/ Signature/ Delivery order/ effective date
Delivery order is not listed.
What 4 instructions should the supply officer maintain for use when excercising procurment authority?
NAVSUP P–485 /
NAVSUPINST 4200.81 / NAVSUPINST 4200.85 /
There are three basic function preformed in processing of purchase actions. The Supply Officer shall ensure no one person peforms more than two of these functions. Name the 3 functions?
a. Preparation and approval
b. Solicitation and award of pruchase
c. receipt, inspection, acceptance of material
If an unauthorized commitment occurs can the person who made the unauthorized commitment be held personally liable for the cost of the transaction?
An individual who makes an unauthorized commitment is required to provide what to the CO?
Written statement IAW NAVSUPINST 4200.81 series.
Oversight of the purchase function aboard ship will be preformed by who as part of the scheduled management assessment?
Who authorizes ships to establish an imprest fund, and by what method is this given?
TYCOM, in writing.
How many imprest funds may be established?
One unless TYCOM authorizes more.
The original and 3 copies of the CO imprest fund authorization letter are given to whom?
a. Original– imprest fund cashier.
b. Copies– TYCOM/Disbursing Officer/Supply Officer
Can the imprest fund cashier have access or control of more than one imprest fund?
Simpliefied acquisitions shall only be issued as what?
Firm fixed price actions.
What is an order for services placed against an established contract?
Task order.
What is the preferred means for effecting the acquisitions of supplies and services over micro purchase threshold?
What are the TYCOM's shipboard procurement authority responsibilities?
Establishing limits and monitoring ships use of procurement authority.
What are the CO's shipboard procurment authority responisbilities?
Ultimately responsiblity.
What are the SUPPO's shipboard procurment authority responisbilities?
Responsible to thE CO for all supply functions.