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A typical fiber termination kit should include what tool for cutting a clean slice through fiber strands?

Fiber cleaver

What routing metric affects a paths potential performance due to delay?


What is the purpose of the layer 2 LLC sublayer?

It is used to handle multiplexing flow and error control and reliability

What is the maximum supported throughput of a CAT6 cable?

10 gbps

A wireless node that is in Active scanning mode transmits what special type of frame in order.. available access points?

Probe frame

What is the fastest Ethernet standard that can possibly be used on twisted pair cabling?

C. 10GBase T

The wurless spectrum as defined by the FCC spans between which 2 frequencies?

9khz and 300 ghz

Which statement accurately describes what near end crosstalk NEXT is?

NEXT is crosstalk that occurs between wire pair's near the source of the signal

PoE+ devices are defined by what IEEE standard?


Which routing protocol started a Cisco proprietary protocol?


What is NOT one of the three characteristics of TCP in its role as a reliable delivery protocol?




What occurs when a collision happens on a network?

Each node on the network waits a random amount of time and then resends the transmissions

Signals that can travel in only one direction on a medium are referred to as what type of signal?


What happens when a router receives a packet with a TTL of 0?

The router drops the packet and sends an ICMP TTL expired message back to the host.

You are trouble shooting a clients wireless network issue.

The client has a wireless profile configured for the campus ssid but the access points broadcasting the CAMPUS ssid

At what layer of the OSI model do the 802.11 standards vary?

Physical layer

If the VLAN tag is present in an Ethernet frame, what is the maximum frame size?

1522 bytes

Which of the following statements about fiber optic cabling is accurate?

Eight experiences virtually no resistance when traveling through glass.

You have been tasked with maintaining a network that is jumbo frame enabled. What does this mean?

The MTU for the network can be as high as 9198 bytes.

When viewing the pinout for T568B, what is the correct order of wire colors starting at pin 1?

White orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown

Which of the flowing is not a task handled by a router?

A router forwards broadcasts over the network.

A junior administrator is having issues connecting to a router console port using a TIA EIA 569B.

The cable must be a rollover cable.

When using the routing information protocol what is the maximum number of hops?


You have been tasked with the replacement of OSPF with EIGRP.

EIGRP may not be availbe on non Cisco routers.

What multiplexing technology lowers cost by sparing frequency bands wider apart to allow for cheaper transceiver equipment?

Coarse wavelength division multiplexing

What field in an ipv4 packet informs routers the level of precedence they should apply when processing an incoming packet?

Differentiated services

Noise that can degrade or distort a signal on a network is measure with what unit?


What is routing protocol convergence time defined as?

It is the time it takes for the protocol to recognize the best path in the event of a network change.

In a coaxial cabling what does the RG rating measure?

The materials used for shielding and conducting cores

A fast Ethernet connection utilizes what pins on an RJ 45 plug?

1, 2, 3, 6

The 1000Base JX utilizes light with what wavelength?

1300 nanometers