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When shall the OOD call the CO?
Too long for a flashcard
What is the OOD responsible for, and who is subject to the authority of the OOD?
The OOD is responsible for the safety, administration, and navigation of the ship. Everyone with the exception of the Navigator and Executive Officer is subject to the authority of the OOD.
What are the tenets of the OOD?
1. Know your job
2. Be prepared to stand the watch
3. Know of everything happening in or around Tahoma during your watch
4. Ensure your subordinate watchstanders are carrying out their duties
5. Be prepared to take immediate action
6. Use common sense...
What should you do to prepare to stand the watch?
Wear appropriate clothing
Get enough rest
Go on a round of the ship
Visit ECC and Opcen
Allow for enough time to adjust your eyes to the light
Review the status of navigational equipment, the charts and Tahoma's position, weather, logs
During small boat operations, which steps require the permission of the CO?
Putting a small boat to the side from the cradle
Lowering and launching a small boat
Taking any vessel alongside
Taking a small boat alongside to put at the hip
Putting a boat in the cradle