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A _________________________ is used to formally document changes made to the project.
Change Control System
What does the acronym WBS stand for?
Work Breakdown Structure
The lowest-level of the WBS is known as a __________________________.
Work Package
What is uncontrolled change know as?
Scope Creep
One of the challenges during the event planning process is to ensure that managers do not mix ________.

A)Summary tasks (events) with the specific tasks (activities) needed to produce them Milestones with

B)completion dates

C)Requirements with expectations

D)Control limits with specifications
a. Summary tasks (events) with the specific tasks (activities) needed to produce them
Before a project schedule can be created, a _____________________ must first be made.
Work Breakdown Structure
A framework that identifies project deliverables best describes a project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
a. True b. False
a. True
The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a framework that will be used as a basis for further planning activities including:

a. developing the project schedule
b. developing the project cost estimate c. identifying project risks
d. all of these
d. all of these
Significant events in the project lifecycle that have zero duration and that do not consume resources are called ________.
Before a project schedule can be created, a(n)______________________ must first be made.
A(n)___________________ is a significant event in the lifespan of a project.
A lead is a change in the logical relationship that results in the _____________ of the successor activity.
If a painted wall must dry for four hours before work can continue, the result is a delay in the successor activity. The wait for the paint to dry is an example of a(n)_______________.
Lag Time
A professor cannot grade his students’ exams until the students have completed taking
the test. What kind of relationship is this?
a. Start-to-start relationship
b. Start-to-finish relationship
c. Finish-to-finish relationship
d. Finish-to-start relationship
d.Finish-to-start relationship
When determining an activity’s duration, project managers typically include weekends, evening, and holidays in the duration time. True or False?
When calculating a project’s duration, it is best to consider the time it will take to complete each activity individually
According to the learning curve, performing an activity frequently results in it taking a(n)_______________ amount of time to complete the same activity in the future.
The enumeration method focuses only on one critical path. True or false?
A Gantt chart shows each activity’s_____________ and ________________.
Early Start, Early Finish
A project manager needs two types of skills, __________________________ and _________________, to successfully resource a project.
Hard, Soft
To help ensure project support, it is important to involve workers in the _______________ phase of the project.
A(n) ______________________ is a tool which is used to show resource assignments.
It is best to only have one person assigned primary responsibility for an activity. True or
Using a(n) _____________________ can help a project manager identify if workers are overloaded.
RASIC chart/ Gantt chart
____________________ is any form of schedule network analysis in which scheduling decisions are driven by resource constraints.
With resource leveling, _________________ activities are often delayed first.
non critical
When performing resource leveling, it is helpful for the project manager to consult both the _______________ _________________ ______________________ and the ________________ _________________________.
Critical Path, Resource Histogram
Critical chain project management is a technique which uses both the predecessor-successor relationship and ___________ ____________ to calculate the projects critical chain.
Resource Availability
To reduce the total project duration, activities that are on the noncritical path must be reduced. True or false?
_________________ and ___________ are two techniques that are used to compress projectes schedules.
Crashing, Fast Tracking
Cost estimating is closing linked with __________________, _______________________, and ______________________.
Scope, Schedule, Resource Planning
It is better to begin cost negotiations with project stakeholders before conducting a cost estimate. True or false.
____________ costs do not depend on the size of the project.
For a cake baker, ingredients such as flour and eggs are examples of __________________ costs while her oven is an example of a _______________ cost.
Variable, Fixed
The salary of a Vice President of an organization is an example of a(n)____________ cost while the salary of an electrician hired to work on a construction project is an example of a(n) ___________ cost.
Indirect, Direct
Recurring costs typically occur during the _____________________ phase of a project.
___________________________ is a method in which transactions are recorded when then the expense is actually occurred.
Accural Accounting
_________________________ is a method of accounting where transactions are recorded when the money is actually spent.
Cash Counting
_________________________ estimates are often created during the beginning of the project and likely to be less accurate than later estimates.
Order of Magnitude
Which cost estimating technique requires the organization to use a larger amount of information, analogous estimating or parametric estimating?
Parametric Estimating
Rank the following cost estimating techniques in order from least time consuming to the most time consuming

Analogous estimating (least)
Parametric estimating
Bottom-up estimating (most)
It is possible to completely avoid variation in a project. True or false?
__________________ is used to determine whether a vendor's bid is reasonable.
Vendor Bid Analysis
It is important that project managers calculate the __________ considering costs in the future
Time Value
For routine projects, _______ percent is a typical amount of money to be put into contingency reserves. For an unusual project, ____ percent is a typical amount to be put into contingency reserves.
5-10, 30
A project management plan is a formal document that defines how the project will be initiated and planned? True or False?
Communications planning determines the information needs and expectations for project stakeholders? True or False?
Stakeholders include both those who will use the result of a project as well as those who will be affected by the result of a project. True or False?
The communications management plan needs to be a living document that adapts to changing project needs. True or False?
Project teams must be prepared to share critical project information to stakeholders on an as-needed basis, in addition to conducting regular meetings and presentations. True or False?
A virtual team is a group of persons with a shared objective who fulfill their roles largely through face-to-face communications. True or False?
While expensive, it is often advisable for virtual team members who live across the globe to meet face-to-face at least once, especially early in the project. True or False?
Project team member preferences related to the type and frequency of communication may vary depending upon the country of origin. True or False?
Social software enables people to rendezvous, connect or collaborate through computer-mediated communication. True or False?
Scope planning is the process of creating a project scope statement. True or False?
The project scope refers to the features and functions that characterize a product, service, or result. True or False?
The project requirements statement describes performance standards and any other applicable standards that will be applied to the primary project deliverables. True or False?
The bottom up approach to the WBS works well when you have done a similar project before but should not be used for projects that you have never done before. True or False?
By using a systematic process of creating a Work Breakdown Structure, project team members can help to ensure they remember all major portions of work to be accomplished. True or False?
A Work Breakdown Structure must be decomposed at least four levels in order to be effective. True or False?
In order to construct a project Work Breakdown Structure, a project team needs to enlist support from subject matter experts who understand how each portion of the work will be accomplished. True or False?
The top down format for preparing the WBS works best when a similar project has been completed in the past. True or False?
It is important to assign a unique number to every component in the project Work Breakdown Structure. True or False?
Failure to include project management in the Work Breakdown Structure will increase the likelihood that the project will finish late or over budget. True or False?