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Black Susan
Zuska. Becomes Kracha's mistress and eventually marries him after she becomes pregnant. She steals from him and flees after he drunkenly beats her
Mike Dobrejcak
eldest son of a carpenter from Dubik's village of Tvarsoc in Sarisa. He came to Braddock and boarded with Dorta and John. Marries Kracha's first daughter, Mary. Father of Johnny (Dobie) Dobrejcak.
Frank Slick
real life version of Mr. Flack.
province to the northeast of Kracha's own Abavuska. Hometown of Zuska and her husband John Mihula
George's sister
Joe Dubik
Kracha's best friend. He dies in a fire in furnace H caused by the steel company's negligence. Husband of Dorta.
Elena Kracha
George's sickly wife.
Captain Bill Jones
General superintendent of the Carnegie steel mill in Braddock. was fatally injured in an accident at the mill when iron splashed over him during a tapping of a furnace.
Joe Dubik's wife
place where Thomas Bell was born. Where Joe Dubik moved to. Where Captain Jones was buried
First Ward
place were Dubik lived. A lot of Slovaks from Sarisa lived there. Located in Braddock. Where all types of immigrants first lived when they arrived to the U.S.A
Mary Dobrejcak
George and Elena's first daughter. Marries Mike Dobrejcak
Johnny "Dobie" Dobrejcak
first child of Mike and Mary Dobrejcak.
Knights of Labor
The Braddock mills had been working under a union contract with the Knights of Labor.
Dobie helps to organize the S.W.O.C. at the huge Edgar Thomson factory facility of U.S. Steel.
Andrej Sedlar
Francka's husband. George Kracha's brother-in-law who works as a cook at the White Haven lumber camp.
Employee Representation Plans. After the NIRA is passed which includes a section giving workers the right to choose their own collective bargaining agent. In response, the companies create their own "union" called the E.R.P. Dobie and others sign men up for the Amalgamated, a true workers' union.
racial epithet referring to Slovaks of the steel towns
Mr. Flack
general superintendent of Braddock mill.
Adalbert Thomas
Thomas Bell's given name. Born in Braddock on March 7, 1903, the son of Michael and Mary Belejcak
Mike Belejcak
real life version of Mike Dobrejcak. Father of Thomas Bell. Behind the general themes, behind Kracha, Mike, Mary and Dobie--the fictional characters--are Bell's own family, the Belejcaks
village in the Slovakian (Austro-hungarian) province of Sarisa. Joe Dubik and Mike Dobrejcak are from this village
Edgar Thomson Works
a steel mill in Braddock
George Krachun
real life counterpart of the character George Kracha.
Louis Smolinski
in the early 30s was president of the Braddock local of the Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel, and Tin workers and then a member of both the Employee Representatives at Edgar Thomson and the S.W.O.C. He states that the novel's documentary materials concerning union activities are essentially verbatim passed by Smolinski to Bell.
Slovakian province where the village of Tvarosc is located. Dubik and Mike Dobrejcak are from here
industrial equipment used to mass-produce steel from molten pig-iron
Raymond Shedlock
Thomas Bell's cousin who remembers how Bell would work the 12 hour shift in Donara mill, come home and pound the typewriter till four in the morning, sleep a couple of hours and then go back to the mill.
Ludovy dennik
a Slovak themed newspaper that interviewed Thomas Bell in 1946