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Which of the following handles the interconnection between most of the devices and the CPU?
What are the Northbridge and the Southbridge collectively known as?
Where does the motherboard store the keyboard controller support program?
ROM chip
How many MB of programs do system ROM chips store?
Which of the following components is read-only?
Which chip acts as a clock to keep the current date and the time?
Which chip is used to store information that describes specific device parameters?
How can you easily clear the CMOS, including clearing the password?
Unplug the PC and short the CMOS jumper
From where can the boot option be selected?
Advanced BIOS features
About 99 percent of the BIOS business is controlled by two companies. Of the following, which one is not a major BIOS manufacturer?
Which chip contains the system BIOS and can hold data permanently, even without electricity?
Flash ROM
Which chip can be reprogrammed to update its contents?
Flash ROM
Where does a SCSI host adapter store its BIOS?
Options ROM
Where do modern PCs store CMOS settings?
Flash ROM
What's a method of clearing the CMOS password?
Short a jumper on the motherboard
What is POST?
Power-on self test
The computer is beeping constantly after you've booted it. What's a likely problem?
POST checks all of the following except:
What is used to change or remove device drivers in Windows?
Device Manager
Where should you look to interpret different beep codes?
BIOS manufacturer
Where is POST located?
System ROM
Most modern systems have only a single beep code to indicate something is wrong. What is it?
One long beep and three short beeps
Which is the first electrical component to "wake up" when a computer is turned on?
What are programs stored on ROM chips called?
Upgrading the BIOS is also known as ________________.
Which of the following is not a common key or key combination to enter CMOS setup?
Scroll lock
Several lines at the end of POST are used to find the operating system. What is this called?
Bootstrap loader
What did Intel create to go beyond the limits of the traditional 16-bit BIOS?
In 2005, what did Microsoft, Intel, AMI, Phoenix Technologies, AMD, HP, and Apple create to improve upon EFI?
Modern processors now include which functions of the traditional chipset directly on the CPU?
What is the Southbridge now called in new AMD systems?
Fusion Controller Hub (FCH)
What advanced BIOS feature offers support for multiple software-based machines?
Virtualization support
What is the Southbridge also known as in Intel systems?
Input/Output Controller Hub (ICH)
Many CMOS setup menus allow changes to the CPU, RAM, and GPU, which supports __________.
What is the term for BIOs-based security features that can track the PC's location if it is stolen?
What used to be an essential tool for techs, but today it is rarely used on a dead PC?
POST card
What BIOS feature allows a PC to boot without any local storage by retrieving an OS from a server over a network?
The process of inserting a removable disk of some sort (usually a USB thumb drive) containing an updated BIOS file is called:
Flashing ROM
All of the following are characteristics of UEFI motherboards EXCEPT:
Limited to MBR partitions less than 2.2TB
ROM chips are ___________________, meaning that the information stored on ROM is not erased even when the computer is turned off.
The ____________________ includes the Northbridge and Southbridge chips on a motherboard.
The ____________________ chip handles the functions of the keyboard controller.
The keyboard controller stores the scan code in A(n) ____________________.
A ROM chip on the motherboard is called ____________________.
System ROM
Some CMOS setup programs allow you to control the ATA Security Mode Feature Set, also commonly referred to as ____________________.
The ____________________ acts as a secure cryptoprocessor that can usually be turned on or off or else enabled or disabled in the CMOS setup program.
Programs stored on ROM chips are called ____________________.
____________________ refers to updating the system BIOS.
Flashing ROM
The Advanced Chipset Features screen deals with extremely low-level ____________________ functions.
The Integrated Peripherals screen is used to configure, enable, or disable the ____________________.
Onboard devices
Every time a key is pressed on the keyboard, the ____________________ chip in the keyboard notices which key has been pressed.
____________ is the primary tool used to manually change or remove the drivers for any particular device.
Device Manager
The CMOS Setup program can be configured to force users to enter a ____________________ every time the system boots for security purposes.
Windows keeps a list of what drivers should be loaded in a database called the ________________.
Some CMOS setup utilities enable you to create two passwords: one for boot and another for the CMOS ___________________ program.
Video cards have their own ____________________ for internal functions.
A separate memory chip called the ____________________ chip stores the information that describes specific device parameters.
All devices need a BIOS. If it's not built into the system BIOS, devices bring their own BIOS with ____________________ or ____________________.
Option ROM or Device drivers
The __________ program checks out the system every time the computer boots
The POST gives a long, rather annoying buzzing that doesn't stop. This indicates ____________________.
A RAM issue
Upon power-up, the CPU determines whether the power supply is working correctly by monitoring a(n) ____________________ wire.
Power good
The POST cards snap into the ____________________ slots in a system.
A bootable disk is also called a(n) ____________________ disk.
With the help of the Southbridge, the CPU uses the _______ to communicate with all other parts of the PC.
The ____________________ extends the address bus to all the other parts of the PC.
The bootstrap loader is a few dozen lines of ______________ code tacked to the end of the POST program.
Programs stored on erasable media are collectively called ____________________.
The CPU uses the ____________________ to communicate with devices.
Address Bus/BIOS
The component that stores data read by BIOS, but does not store programs, is known as _______________.
The __________________ screen in BIOS is one of the few menu items that aren't needed in modern PCs.
Many motherboards support the ___________________ feature provided by the computer case, or chassis.
Chasis Intrusion Detection
When the computer is turned on or reset, it initiates a special program stored on the ROM chip, called the _______.
The CPU reads a special wire called ___________ as soon as the power supply provides the proper voltage.
Power good
A(n) ____________________ chip stores the information that describes specific device parameters.
UEFI motherboards support a newer type of hard drive partitioning called __________, which makes it possible to boot partitions larger than 2.2 TB.
A removable disk containing an updated __________ is usually used to flash ROM.
BIOS file
_____ enables you to boot a PC without any local storage by retrieving an OS from a server over a network.
Many PCs have CMOS setup menus that display information about the CPU, RAM, and GPU and include controls for __________ them.
The __________ can be used to change the voltage and multiplier settings on the motherboard for the CPU from the defaults.