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Peptide structure
hydrophilic, large (polypeptides) or small (amino acid derivatives)
Steroid structure
hydrophobic, small
Site of peptide synthesis
rough ER
Site of steroid synthesis
smooth ER
Peptide transport in the bloodstream
Steroid transport in the bloodstream
stuck to protein carrier
Peptide regulation of release
stored in vesicles until a signal for secretion is received
Steroids regulation of release
synthesized only when needed and then used immediately, not stored
Peptide specificity
only target cells have appropriate SURFACE receptors (exception: thyroxine = cytoplasmic)
Steroid specificity
only target cells have appropriate CYTOPLASMIC receptors
Peptide mechanism of effect
bind to receptors that generate second messengers which result in modification of enzyme activity
Steroid mechanism of effect
bind to receptors that alter gene expression by regulating DNA transcription
Peptide timing of effect
rapid, short-lived
Steroid timing of effect
slow, long-lasting