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What does "the magnitude of a vector is a scalar" mean?
a scalar represents the magnitude of a physical quantity.
If two vectors have unequal magnitudes, can their sum be zero?
no, must be equal and opposite.
What is the relationship between instantaneous speed and instantaneous velocity?
speed is the magnitude of velocity.
Is it possible to add a vector quantity to a scalar quantity?
no, because the scalar quantity has no direction.
If a set of vectors laid head to tail forms a closed polygon, the resultant is zero. Is this statement true?
Yes, the distance from the tail of the first vector to the head of the last vector is zero.
Can a vector have a component equal to zero and still have a nonzero magnitude?
yes, the second component could be nonzero.
If A+B=0, what can you say about the components of the two vectors?
They are equal and opposite.
Under what circumstances would a vector have components that are equal in magnitude?
oriented at 45 degrees from the axis.