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What is a political ideology?
A consistent set of basic beliefs about the purpose of government. Ideology guides worldviews and political behavior.
2 catagories: liberals (the democrats) and conservativies (the liberals)
What is a liberal?
liberals are people that support social and cultural change and support economic control by the gov't. Liberals are considered Democratic.
examples: favor gov't spending on enviornmental protection, education, socail services, and no abortions, equality, favor gay marriage.
What is a conservative?
want a limited role for gov't and favors personal and moral values. Conservatives are considered Republicans.
examples: smaller gov't budgets and fewer gov't programs, favor abortion, firm police action, sever punishment for criminals, against same sex marriage.
What is a Libertarian?
Free will. the less gov't the better for economic and personal matters.
What is a populist?
likes the gov't involvement with both economic and personal matters
What was decided in McCulloch v. Maryland?
Important landmark rulling by the supreme cour under chief John Marshall.
1) congress enacted legislation to charter the second band of the US
2) two years later the maryland legislature imposed a tax on all banks within the state who were not chartered.
Maryland taxed the operations of the bank and the bank refused to pay tax .
1)the gov't does not have the right to charter a bank.
2) Maryland cannot tax the bank
What was the New Jersey Plan?
continuation the the articles of confederation
1) favored by the small states
2) they revised the articles of confederation
3) one vote for each state
4) executive of more than one person elected by the congress
5) supreme court appointed by the executives
What was the Virgina Plan?
Randolph the delegate of virginia presented 15 resolution and the title became known as the virgina plan.
1) 2 house legislative parties. members of the lover house would be chosed by the people each state would have representation
2) upper house would be chosen by members of the lower house then the executive chosed by the legislature
3) the national judiciary would be chosen by the executive
Where was the Declearation of Independence adopted?
the Pennsylvania Statehouse, Philadelphia. Indepence hall
Who was selected to command the army by the second Continental Congress?
George Washington
What is a democracy?
A system of gov't which the policies descions of the gov' are based on the freely concent of the people and the people are guareented rights.
How was the despute between the federalists and the antifederalists resolved?
The constitutional convention- the bill of rights
On what american document did John Lock have the most influence?
decleration of independence
When did the articles of confederation go into effect?
March 1st 1781
During the colonial period what were the requirements for voting?
white adult males that owned property were the only ones that were allowed to vote.
What is the supremacy Clause and where was it found?
"the supremacy law of the land" found in article 6 section 2
What delegate was selected as the chairman of the constitutional convention?
George Washington
how was the debate on how to count slaves was settled?
by the three fifths compromise
What is federalism?
a political system in which power is divided b/w the federal gov't and its component parts
unitary- all pwer is at the top. ex) Great Britain
confederal- all power is in unites. ex/ USA under articles of confederation.