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Sample rate range


How many dB per bit?

6dB per bit

What part of system should be turned on first?

Turn hardrives on first

What does the wave cache file contain?

Waveform display data

What does double clicking the zoomer tool do?

Zoom out and fit full longest track on screen

What are 4 ways to open a session

Create blank session, create session from template, open any 10 recent sessions, open any saved sessions on your system.

Nudge works in what edit modes?

All edit modes

Name 5 types of production tasks protools can be used for

Recording audio, recording and editing MIDI, music notation, mixing audio, and video/audio post production.

Where are MIDI files stored?

Within the protools session

What type of processing does buffer size affect?

Low and high-latency domain. Does not effect dsp processing.

How much disk space is consumed per minute by a mono track at 441.kHz and 16-bit?

5MB per minute. If sample rate is doubled so is the amount of disk space used.

How many channels of MIDI info can be sent over a single MIDI cable?


How many ticks in a quarter note?


What track types can display data in MIDI editor windows?

Aux inputs, instrument, and MIDI tracks

How does the tab key affect the cursor position when working on a track?

Advances cursor to the next clip boundary to the right

What are 2 types of memory locations provided in protools and how many can you add to a session?

Markers and selections. Up to 999

How can you add a marker at the current cursor location?

Click the add marker/memory location button

How can you add markers on the fly during playback?

Click the add marker/memory location button during playback

What term describes an audio patch that applies a signal processor directly into the signal path on a track?

Channel insert

How many inserts are available per track?


What term is used to describe a signal path carrying a mix output of one or more tracks routed for parallel processing?

A send

What modifier can you use to delete a breakpoint by clicking on it?

Alt-Click or option-Click

What plug-in format can only be used in protools hd?

DSP plug-ins

What does the save copy in command do?

Saves all files

What is the Nyquist Theorem?

The sample rate must be double the frequency range

What is aliasing a result of?

Sample rate being too low

What is the system startup order?

Hard drives, externally powered MIDI devices, audio interface, computer, USB powered MIDI devices, last is monitors. Reverse for system shutdown

What happens if wave cache files are deleted?

Nothing, protools will recreate what is lost

What keys are used to nudge?

+ and -

What does the relative grid do?

Preserves clip offsets

How do you activate 2 edit modes at a time?

Shift click

How do you repeat (or duplicate) a clip?


What does the E key do?

Zoom toggle, zooms in on selection

What does ctrl+F do?

Creates a fade on the selection

Name some of the folders and files protools creates in the session hierarchy.

Session file, wavecache file, audio files, MIDI files, bounced files

What terms are used to describe unedited and edited audio files?

Whole file clip and subset clip or just clip

What 2 stereo file formats are common?

Split stereo and interlieved stereo

What track views are available for MIDI data?

Note view, clip view, velocity view

What command can you use to save a session with a different sample rate or bit depth?

The save copy in command

What is meant by the term bounce to tracks?

Let's you add live input to the mix

What file types are supported for the bounce file?

Wav., AIFF., MP3., and MXF.