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Is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
True or False...
Although it’s widely used, it is too subjective of a way to acquire knowledge.
Which of the following people played a key role in establishing psychology as a scientific discipline in the United States?
William James
When was psychology recognized as a formal academic discipline?
when the scientific method began to be used to study psychological processes
As a psychologist, you are most interested in how to help individuals increase their quality of life. Based on this information, in which type of research should you be involved?
applied research
Research intended to help those grieving a loss of a parent is called ________________; Research intended to find exactly where in the brain grieving is processed is called.
applied research; basic research
All of the following are considered descriptive research methods EXCEPT?
Experimental methods
Which of the following are advantages to the use of naturalistic observation as a research method?
we can study behavior in naturally occurring environments
Which research method is used to set up a cause- effect relationship between two or more variables?
experimental method
The independent variable is ___________________________ whereas the dependent variable is ______________________________.
The experimenter, switches around
The variable that the experimenter changes, or manipulates, in an experimental method is referred to as the ________________________.
Independent variable
The most important advantage to using the experimental method over other research methods is _______________________________.
that it allows us to setup cause and effect between two variables
true or false...
Naturalistic observation is considered a descriptive research method?
true or false....
Results of case studies can easily be generalized to larger groups.
The brain’s ability to adapt and/or reorganize as a result of an injury is called _______________.
The endocrine system consists of various _______________ that create and release __________.
glands; hormones
The Central Nervous System is made up of _____________________________.
brain and spinal cord
_________________________ is a process in which information is taken in through the senses; ______________ is a process in which the brain organizes and understands information.
sensation; perseption
Typical sleep deprivation has been known to cause
1. an irritable, negative mood
2. a decrease in attention
3. trouble in attention
4. poorer performance on cognitive tests
(all of the above)
True or false....
The experience of pain is a universal phenomenon, which shows very little cultural variation.
_______________________ is the process in which sensory information is changed into neural impulses.
Melatonin is a(n) ___________________ that ___________________.
hormone; induces sleep
All of the following would be considered an altered state of consciousness.
1. sleep
2. being high on cocaine
3. meditation
4. Being under hypnosis.
what are the functions of neurons
1. Afferent neurons- relay messages form the sense organs and receptors- eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin- to the brain or spinal cord;
2. efferent neurons convey signals from the central nervous system to the glands ans the muscles, enabling the body to move
3. interneurons, thousands of times more numerous than motor or sensory neurons, carry information between neurons in the brain and between neurons in the spinal cord.