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Our subjective experience of the world and ourselves is what psychologists refer to as:
A circadian rhythm is about _______ hours long.
_______________, a hormone involved in the regulation of circadian rhythms, is secreted by the pineal gland.
Circadian rhythms are controlled by the:
Suprachiasmatic nucleus
What does REM stand for?
Rapid eye movement
During what stage of sleep are we most likely to experience a vivid dream?
REM sleep
The most commonly experienced sleep disorder is:
Which of the following conditions would you least like the pilot flying your airplane to have?
__________ is a disorder caused by a blockage of the airway during sleep.
Sleep apnea
__________ refers to suggestive techniques for altering a person's perceptions, thoughts, or beliefs about one's self.
Which of the following has research found hypnosis to be effective at treating or helping to treat?
Reducing habit disorders
_______ occurs when people require larger amounts of a drug to experience the same effects experienced during their initial usage.
Which of the following drugs is categorized as a depressant?
Nicotine is classified as a:
Drugs derived from opium are called:
___________ is any change in an organism's behavior or thinking brought about by experience or practice.
The abbreviation for UCR stands for:
Unconditioned response
Which of the following statements pertaining to the conditioned response is accurate?
the CR (conditioned response) is elicited by the CS (conditioned stimulus).
Which two theorists laid the groundwork for the theory of operant conditioning?
Thorndike and Skinner
Which of the following is an example of positive reinforcement?
Giving a child candy for completing their homework.
Which of the following will decrease the likelihood of behavior reoccurring?
A reinforcer is a consequence that ___________ a behavior, while a punisher is a consequence that ___________ a behavior.
Strengthens; weakens
Extinction in operant conditioning involves:
Withholding reinforcement
___________ is an operant-conditioning procedure in which successive approximations of a desired response are reinforced.
Acquisition can be described as the process in which:
The CS (conditioned stimulus) produces the CR (conditioned response)