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Despite what the textbook says, the term "sex" as used by Psychologists (as described in class and the APA's definitions) refers to the organism's
biological sex, as determined by genes and maturational processes
Which of the following does not fit with the definition of “sexuality” given in the textbook?
The physiological distinction between female and male
The study of human sexuality involves the study of nonhuman primates because
human and nonhuman animals are all part of the same evolutionary continuum.

Partible paternity is relevant to human sexuality research because

it illustrates that biological knowledge about human reproduction is not universal.

The textbook defines “transgender” as

identifying with the other sex or rejecting gender norms.

Which of the following statements or beliefs is an example of a double standard?

Female virgins are thought more highly of than male virgins are.

The American social activist who campaigned for the right to learn about and use contraception was

Margaret Sanger.

Freud classified atypical sexual behaviors as _______ that developed because of the effects of early interpersonal relationships on the _______ mind.

perversions; unconscious

Magnus Hirschfeld claimed that

sexual orientation has a genetic basis.

Today, a young woman being treated for a sexually transmitted infection benefits from the discoveries and advances made in which of the following fields or practices?

Biomedical research

The research conducted by Simon LeVay evaluating structural differences in the brains of gay and straight men found that

the hypothalamus differs in gay and straight men.

The research conducted by Neil Malamuth and others has provided significant evidence that movies containing sexual violence

predispose some men to commit sexual assaults against women.

The study of one’s relationship with others is the focus of _______ psychology.


Which of the following is an example of research conducted by a cognitive psychologist?

A study evaluating long-term memory and feelings of attraction

Men are more likely than women to engage in risky behaviors because

men use risky behaviors as sexual displays.

The National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS) found that, contrary to general assumptions

people tend to masturbate in addition to engaging in partnered sex, not as a substitute for it.

As opposed to official surveys, magazine-sponsored sex surveys tend to

cover more intimate topics.

Which of the following issues directly affects the research methodology of sex surveys?

Participants are hesitant to reveal information that might make them feel shame

Jason is going on a first date with Jasmine. He thinks it is his role to prepare for a possible sexual encounter and stops at the drug store to buy condoms. Jasmine thinks it is her role to make sure that sex does not occur on the first date, so she suggests they go to the mall instead of to his home for dinner. This example illustrates

script theory.

Dr. Kerr has spent his evenings for six months visiting a strip club where he has been watching, interviewing, and interacting with the dancers and bar patrons. He has found that while the dancers tend to keep their private lives separate from their work, many establish trusted friendships with the bar patrons. The work conducted by Dr. Kerr can be defined formally as

ethnographic fieldwork.

The research finding that populations with an excess of women tend to have higher rates of teen births suggests that

given a choice, young men will have as much casual sex as they can get.

The work of a sexologist would most likely involve

conducting research on the causes of erectile dysfunction in men.

The 2014 Declaration of Sexual Rights, approved by the World Association for Sexual Health, supports all of the following except

the right to monogamy.

The erectile capacity of the clitoris is attributable to

the tough connective tissue that surrounds the shaft.

Ointment-like lubricants from the underside of the clitoral hood dry and mix with dead cells and bacteria, forming a pasty material called


June, a married woman, has undergone treatment for invasive breast cancer. She has had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and has been “cancer free” for 18 months. Which of the following is the most likely psychological prognosis for her?

She will have a positive outlook for her future and her future sex life.

Which of the following statements is not true of amenorrhea?
It occurs as a normal part of puberty.

Which of the following is not a known function of estrogen?

Maintaining pregnancy

A colposcopy

often includes the destruction of precancerous lesions.

The surface of the vagina

is mildly acidic.

Adele is 42, drinks three glasses of wine a day, started her periods at the age of 10, and has never had any children. Which type of reproductive pathology is she at an increased risk of developing?

Breast cancer

The G-spot probably consists of the _______ and is reported by _______ women.

paraurethral glands; a minority of

A ruptured ovarian follicle

will result in a surge of progesterone secretion.

Which of the following is/are not part of the structure of the clitoris?

The vestibule

Fibroids are noncancerous tumors of the


Most female circumcisions occur in _______ countries; in some of these countries, more than _______% of women have experienced this procedure.

African; 80

Jennifer is about to have a Pap test. Her doctor explains that the sample taken from her will be evaluated by a microscopic examination of _______ from the _______.

cells; cervix

The erectile tissue within the clitoral shaft consists of _______ corpora cavernosa, that lie _______.

two; side by side

Toxic shock syndrome is caused by

strains of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus.

Steroid synthesis is to the ovaries as

GnRH is to the hypothalamus.

The word vulva refers to the

entire external genitalia of the female.

Which hormone(s) is/are responsible for the surge in GnRH and the gonadotropins prior to ovulation?


Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition characterized by all of the following except

vaginal pain and discomfort.

Margo has noticed that during her aerobics classes she leaks small amounts of urine. She finds this to be very embarrassing so she goes to visit her doctor. Based on what you have read in the text it is likely that her doctor will recommend

Kegel exercises.

A woman's menstrual period lasts approximately_______ days, and during this time she loses _______ fluid ounces of blood.

2 to 6; 1 to 2

Which pair of words is mismatched?

Nipple; areola

The external anal sphincter is under _______ control. The inner anal sphincter is under _______ control.

conscious; nonconscious

Diagnosis of _______ is improved by measuring blood levels of the marker CA-125.

ovarian cancer

Cohabiting lesbian couples reportedly exhibit _______ menstrual synchrony.


Progesterone is produced primarily during the _______ phase of the menstrual cycle.


A speculum is not usually used for


A friend tells you he has swelling and inflammation of the head of his penis. Your advice for him is to

see his doctor; he may need a prescription for an antibiotic and he may need to wash his penis more regularly.

The frenulum _______ of the penis.

is a very sexually sensitive part

Penile erection occurs when

penile veins are closed.

Sperm accounts for approximately _______% of semen

A man with priapism should

see his doctor, as it is a medical emergency.

During ejaculation, the

urethral sphincter is closed.

Entering into a steady romantic relationship or marriage has been shown to lower a man’s testosterone level by about _______%.


One of the problems with a prostate that continues to grow throughout adult life is that

it can choke the urethra.

In many cultures, public nudity is

discouraged in both men and women.

The device called the PlastiBell is used

to perform neonatal circumcision.

Tactile stimulation of the penis or clitoris is detected by special sensory nerve endings called

genital end-bulbs.

The corpus spongiosum is less rigid than the corpora cavernosa during erection

so as not to constrict the urethra and prevent ejaculation.

Which of the following hormones begins the cascade that controls male hormone levels?

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone

Prohibitions against female nudity are most likely related to

the goal of reducing sexual arousal and sexual coercion.

In human males, spermatogenesis occurs in the

seminiferous tubules.

Prostate-specific antigen is

elevated in men who might have prostate cancer.

Which of the following statements about the rare condition of diphallia is false?

All such individuals are bisexual.

The spermatic cord and testicles possess a layer of muscle tissue known as the

cremaster muscle.

The glans of the penis is filled by the

corpus spongiosum.

Tetrahydrogestrinone is a

designer steroid.

The secretions of the seminal vesicles contribute about _______% of the total volume of the semen.


Nocturnal erections

occur during rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep.

The interstitial cells are to testosterone as the _______ is/are to _______.

seminiferous tubules; sperm

Which of the following statements about testosterone is false?

It terminates the growth of the long bones after puberty.

Emission is the

loading of semen into the urethra

Phalloplasy and metoidioplasty both involve

genital surgery or hormones to construct a penis.

Androgen insensitivity syndrome is caused by
a deficit of androgen receptors.

A “hijra” is a

member of a class of male-to-female transexuals from northern India and Pakistan.

Persistent cryptorchidism is treated by


Evolutionary psychologists believe that cognitive differences observed between men and women have arisen as result of

the differences in the tasks performed by ancestral men and women.

According to evolutionary psychology, male sexual jealousy is attributable to

the intrinsic uncertainty of paternity.

Which of the following is in the correct developmental sequence?

SRY gene; testes; male development

Research by Alexander and Hines found that when male and female monkeys were given children’s toys to play with,

the monkeys showed similar sex-specific toy preferences to those of human boys and girls.

Researcher Janet Hyde believes that human sex differences in cognition, personality, and sexuality

are barely, if at all, evident.

In the famous case study of a child whose penis was removed accidentally in infancy and who was then reared as a girl,

the socialization did not lead to a female gender identity.

When cheated on by their partners, women are more likely than men to experience

emotional jealousy.

The term “genderqueer” refers to

people who are overt about their transgendered or mix-gender state and do not attempt to pass as conventionally male or female.

Girls with congenital adrenal hyperplasia are exposed to abnormally high levels of _______ during fetal life, which causes some of their personality and cognitive traits to be shifted toward a _______ pattern.

androgen; masculine

The controversy surrounding gender-dysphoric children can be best summarized by which of the following statements?

Gender identity is somewhat malleable through childhood and the teenage years.

Incorrect or incomplete closure of the urethra is known as


A person with XXY sex chromosomes is usually diagnosed with

Klinefelter syndrome.

Which of the following statements about individuals with Turner syndrome is false?
They are often very tall.

One cross-cultural study found robust gender differences in six personality traits. On which of the following traits did women not score higher?

Openness to ideas

Research has shown that the effect of gender socialization may be bidirectional, with society sometimes pulling people in opposite directions. Which of the following does the textbook offer as evidence for this theory?
Men are encouraged to commit sexual violence in a variety of video games, but the criminal justice system actively punishes sexual violence.
Research findings about human sex differences in sexual behavior can be summarized best by which of the following statements?
Men spread their genes widely, women spread their genes wisely.
Socialization research has shown that the gender identity of a child can be influenced by
other children.
The outer portion of the vagina develops from the _______, and the inner portion develops from the _______.
urethral folds; Müllerian ducts
The scrotum and outer labia develop from the
genital swellings.
Developmentally, the glans of the clitoris arises from the
genital tubercle.
Which of the following statements about autogynephilia is false?
Autogynephilic men are known collectively as “trans men.”
On average, males enjoy an advantage on tests of
visuospatial ability.
The term “transitioning” refers to the
process of changing anatomical sex and gender role to match a person’s gender identity.